Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I just can't help but go for the joke! These are going to be a new line of beads I make - - -"Hooters". Here in the county that I live in (in Michigan) they have a wonderful animal rescue group. It's appropriately named The Ark. At the Ark last summer we got to see so many animals I could hardly believe it all. We were treated to a behind the scene trip due to the fact that one of our wonderful daughter-in-laws was working there.

There had to be thirty fawns...including one we found very charming. They called him Fainting Freddie. Apparently he had a little problem and they had to keep him separate from the others. He'd have a small seizure out of nowhere and would drop to the ground. In a few minutes he'd get up like nothing had happened and go about his business. We got to give him his bottle and pet him. What fun. Eventually, he grew out of the seizures.

There were Owls, ducks, a bobcat, raccoons, hawks, wolves, and so many more. There was even this poor swan who had a run in with a snapping turtle who got his foot. It was in a cast and had lost part of his webbing. He is healing but it is a slow process. And two Eagles - one was in a flight cage and getting his practice in. You had to stay back because there are strict rules in regards to the Eagles - but what a sight!

Of special interest were the owls. There was such a variety of owls that I can't even remember all of them. What I thought was especially great were the ones who were injured beyond potential return to the wild were rehabilitated and used for school education. They had huge areas to live in, are fed very well, and get to live out their lives with only an occasional education excursion. My "Hooters" are representations of the joy they gave me that day. I hope you like them too!

Support your local ASPCA or Animal Rescue.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Alice Rocks!

I'm excited by the new Alice in Wonderland and went to see it tonight. I wasn't disappointed. Like Avatar, it is a visual delight. All those bright colors. I can't wait to see what pops into my head. If you haven't seen it - GO! But you need to be alert, there are all these little tidbits in there to catch...I'm thinking I will need to go and see it again. If you haven't seen them, and I'm not sure how anyone could miss all of the commercials I hope you like the clips I included.