Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bead Soup Reveal

When I received these beads from Raida they reminded me of one of my favorite books, “The Secret Garden” by Frances Hodgson Burnett.  Gardens were a huge part of my life as a child.  My Grandfather grew vegetables and my mother cultivated roses, lilacs, and flowers of all kinds.  To add to this array my Bubba (Grandfather) also grew sunflowers which he’d harvest for the birds and for us.  Our yard was large but not rural.  But, there were hedges, gates, and arbors, it created a magical get-a-way. 

To Raida’s Bead Soup I added tiger eye semi-precious rounds, a stone frog, some pewter, and C-Lon. I decided to keep it in a fall palette and maintain the dark tones of the beautiful focal.  It brought back such fond memories of the fall gardens.  The roses were dark (my mother preferred the lush colors of burgundy to pink), the holly was coming on strong, and the sunflowers were turning a deep golden shade. 

For the bail I used the C-Lon to finger weave a bail.  I learned how to finger weave ages ago from one of Robin Adkin’s on line tutorials.  You can find it here.  It is where I saw the first and most beautiful treasure bracelets ever created and emulated by many an artist since. 
After finger weaving the bail I fed the thread through the bead cap and then the bead – I used a noose type knot to finish the bottom and leave the threads free for stringing as a tassel.  Once the focal of the necklace was complete I arranged an asymmetrical design of the remaining beads to make a full and lush necklace.   I’ve used my entire soup in this necklace except the beautiful brown silk tie that was included.   If I hadn’t wanted to use that great floral button I’d of considered making finger weaved loops on both ends of the necklace and using the silk as a closure by tying a bow.  It would have made it adjustable and given it a kicky kind of twist that would great with short hair.

I finished the back off with that perfect button closure that Raida had sent in the soup mix.  It makes a great closure with a loop.
My necklace is an elegantly planned out garden and I’m very proud of the collaboration between Raida and I. I hope she and you like how it turned out as much as I do.  Thank You Raida for the beautiful mix you sent.

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Tanty Sri Hartanti, TJewellicious by Tanti
Terry Matuszyk, Pink Chapeau

Don't worry....Bead Soup's a Coming...

I'm not letting my panties get in a bead soup is being photographed this morning and it will be posted by late this afternoon.  Gheeze, all of these artists have been so quick and this year I was running around to doctors to get surgery set up for my knee and cataracts....yikes.  Not to worry on either count.  It's a BBBBB----UUUUUU------TIFUL necklace and it will posted soon.  Hugs to my fellow soup members and I'll start hopping this evening.  I have to get ready to leave for the hospital tomorrow so I promise I'll be all set for both this afternoon. 

Hugs,  Sharon

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hearts...I just love hearts!

One of my very favorite themes of all time to create.....all new and on Etsy.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

MMRF is so worthy of your donation.

Myeloma Cells

Looking at that photo above you'd think it would make a pretty pattern on a bead - and you wouldn't be wrong!  But, for the Hoffman's it's much more serious than that.
For those of you who don't know Mallory Hoffman let me introduce you to her via her blog - For The Love of Beads.  Mallory is one of those people you meet and just instantly fall into "friendship".  She is "what you see and hear is what you get" and you can't get any more honest than that.  I wish we lived closer so we could hang out because I so completely enjoy her company.  

One of the wonderful things about her is her unabashed adoration of her children.  She glows when she talks of Nick and Jenny.  Honestly - it's been a rough batch of years in the Hoffman family.  Jenny was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.  This ain't easy stuff for a Mom to deal with - especially a Mom who has lost a husband in the same fashion.  So, how is Jenny?  Recovering and working very very hard at staying well.  What can we do to help?  Support Mallory and Jenny as much as we can where we are needed.  Right now we are needed in a small way - a simple donation of moola.  It doesn't take much - we know we can all spend more than that on coffee and a donut.  But to research in this nasty battle with cancers who know whose ten bucks will be THEE money that helps to find the key to a cure. 

I gave - its easy peasy.  HERE is the link.  It will take you to an easy click and secure page where you can donate that coffee money!

This year again, Nick Hoffman will be participating in the MMRF Race for Research 5K Walk/Run. I hope that you will support his efforts and this wonderful organization. I thank you in advance for your generosity and support.

They are still looking for a team name, so, come on creative people!

The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) was established in 1998 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization by twin sisters Karen Andrews and Kathy Giusti, soon after Kathy's diagnosis with multiple myeloma. The mission of the MMRF is to relentlessly pursue innovative means that accelerate the development of next-generation multiple myeloma treatments to extend the lives of patients and lead to a cure. As exceptional stewards of its donors' investments, the MMRF consistently surpasses its peers in fiscal responsibility and an outstanding 90% of total budget go directly towards research and related programming.

Also, sorry for the absence.  I've been running my buns off here.  I went down to Detroit to Henry Ford Hospital to meet with an Ortho guy for my knees and hips.  Anyone who saw me at B&B knows the arthritis is driving me insane lately.  Well, lo and behold I have bone on bone in left knee and they scheduled an immediate knee replacement....yikes.  That will wrap up July's posts as it's scheduled for July 30th.  I'm nearly done with my Bead Soup project so I'll finish up next week and get the photos done.  Hopefully I can post from my son's house the night before surgery.  I've loved this project and I hope everyone loves it as much as I do. 

Signing off until next week - LOL - ah, like that is far away - about 45 minutes....

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Creativity in Writing - Books by Kevin White

I was always an artist.  How many times have you heard one of us say this?  It was always there and never went away.  It may have been interrupted by a "day job" but those only tend to strengthen our resolve.  While I worked at that day job (that I loved) I met some wonderful people.  One of them is a talented writer of children's stories.  Since our job was working with children it seems an excellent fit for him.  He is working on his third book and I have to tell you the other two just tickle me pink. 

His name is Kevin White and you can purchase the previous two books HERE  Stubby Pencil Noodlehead is my favorite and would even be great for your child to give to that special teacher in his life. This is the excerpt from Good Reads about Stubby:

"When Stubby Pencil Noodlehead is forced to stand in front of his class to explain why he is late for school every day, the resulting tale is more than the teacher bargained for. Stubby’s story of pirates, pygmies, mastodons, and more, turns classroom order to chaos, and has the teacher begging for him to stop. The story’s accelerating pace and surprise ending delights readers of all ages(less)."

Counting Down with Farmer Brown was Kevin's book in progress the year I retired.  I was privileged to read the proofs and see the illustrations by Kevin's brother Rex as they were being created.  This book will appeal to both the adult reading it and any child lucky enough to receive a copy - - - it reminds me a Pixar movie where the subtle jokes within the illustrations are not lost on the adults who will have a smile from ear to ear.

There is also an on-line campaign to assist Chimeric Press with their third book.  I am donating to this because we need more great books for children.  And most certainly more great books by someone who knows children, loves the English language, is a great story teller, and an all around wonderful person.  To contribute to the cause check here at Kick Starter.  If you go there you get a reading by Kevin on-line.  I LOVE IT!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Making Beads - New Listings - Fun Summer Sewing

I'm posting the newest Skully here for everyone to see but I wanted to also wanted to show you this great beach purse you can sew up - it would work for a lot of things - maybe even kiddie toys in the car.  I think you could use several of the available commercial purse or shopping bag patterns for this too!  I'm thinking it might make a great quick tool bag for when you are taking your tools to a class.  A quick look at it will tell you whether you have everything packed.  Maybe for Christmas I'll make some for the "girls".  Shhhh - don't tell them!

The pattern shown is free and you can get it here.  I found it on Design Sponge but it's from Between the Lines blog spot by Parisian crafter and blogger Pascale Mestdagh. It's a beautiful blog with many tutorials.

A close-up of the new "Skully" listing

Monday, July 9, 2012

My Beads Arrived!

Actually - My beads have been in the post office while I was in Chicago with my daughter and son-in-law.  Today it was a wonderful surprise to receive them and see all the goodies.  Look at that flower - it's a button and it's going to make a great closure.  And the colors - Whoa, what a great combination....I'd of never thought of it, but I love it! 

When I wrote to Raida about how much I love this set I had to tell her that my Grandfather grew sunflowers in the yard.  I didn't explain that he loved the birds and sunflower seeds and every year we'd cook and salt them and then dry them in the oven.   He'd keep unsalted ones for the birds and we'd nosh on the cooked ones all winter ourselves.

This is the soup I sent to Raida.  She said she felt "spoiled".  Frankly, I think we both do!  I sure hope I can do her beads justice and don't forget - We'll be having that Blog Hop on July 28th so you'll be able to see what Raida and I did with our exchange.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pewter Castings

I've been working feverishly on my ideas.  Well, honestly - considering the post on polychronic behavior I'd like to think feverishly but it's more like consistent linear progress...LOL.  I have like five projects going at the same time - maybe more.  I keep telling myself if this ever all comes together it will be like a volcano.  I keeping worrying that it will be like one big eruption and then I'll go dormant for another 10 years.  Scary - scary thought. Okay - let's perish that singular thought to the - been there - done that - pile and move forward.

Five of the new carved plaster casts for pewter
I've been working on the pewter casting from B&B.  I never did show you what I made in that class. As soon as I get home again I'll add a photo of the first castings we did while we were at class.  I have three of them and Susan, my friend, gave me one of her hedge hogs.  They are cute and remind me of me.  Maybe it's one of my totem animals - The other and most prevalent one being the Raven.

There are three new plasters in this photo and two hunks of pewter to melt down.
I bet you feel you just have to know why a hedge hog - right?.  Got myself giggling here...not just because it's nice and round but more because it tucks and balls up as a self-defense against it's perception of a predator.  My tendencies are to get quite hermit like at times.  Anyway, I digress. 

None of these casts in the photos have been poured yet.  I have all the materials and am ready to go but maybe just true to my nature I can't just do one thing at a time so I've finished quite a few to pour at the same time.  I'll let you know how it goes.

If you have any questions about how we did this plaster casting - please feel free to ask....

Friday, July 6, 2012

How HOT is it?

Is it possible to fry an egg on the sidewalk if it's hot enough?Answer:

Yes, theoretically. But it doesn't actually get hot enough.

This question comes from the saying “It’s so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk!” How many kids, hearing it, actually try? Most likely they end up with a mess resembling scrambled eggs more than one sunny-side up. So what’s the problem?

An egg needs a temperature of 158°F to become firm. In order to cook, proteins in the egg must denature (modify), then coagulate, and that won’t happen until the temperature rises enough to start and maintain the process.

The sidewalk presents several challenges to this. According to an experiment reported in Robert Wolke’s book, What Einstein Told His Cook: Kitchen Science Explained, sidewalk temperatures can vary depending on the composition of the sidewalk, whether it is in direct sunlight, and of course, the air temperature. Dark objects absorb more light, so blacktop paving would be hotter than concrete. More often than not, sidewalks are concrete. Wolke found that a hot sidewalk might only get up to 145°F. Once you crack the egg onto the sidewalk, the egg cools the sidewalk slightly. Pavement of any kind is a poor conductor of heat, so lacking an additional heat source from below or from the side, the egg will not cook evenly.

Something closer to the conditions of a frying pan would be the hood of a car. Metal conducts heat better and gets hotter, so people actually have been able to cook an egg on a car hood's surface.
Still, the idea of cooking an egg on a sidewalk won’t die. It is so intriguing that the city of Oatman, Arizona, hosts an annual Solar Egg Frying Contest on the 4th of July. Contestants get 15 minutes to make an attempt using solar (sun) power alone. Oatman judges, however, do allow some aids, such as mirrors, aluminum reflectors, or magnifying glasses, which would help to focus the heat onto the egg itself. It turns out that eggs also have a bit of an advantage in Arizona, the land of low humidity and high heat. Liquids evaporate rapidly when humidity is low. The eggs have a bit of “help” while they cook, and they dry out faster.

I bet you were wondering what is the origin of the saying? It’s not clear, although there is a reference to it in the Los Angeles Times on October 5, 1933, and even as far back as June 11, 1899, in The Atlanta Constitution--so the idea had captured the American imagination and become one of our common sayings by that time. And what about the other saying, “it’s so hot the chickens are laying hard-boiled eggs?” Well, what do you think?

From: Sci-Tech Mysteries  And here it hit an unpleasant 106 degrees - and a special thank you to the man/ or woman who created air conditioning.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Soup is in the mail - HUH?

Yikes, early deadlines.  This was fun last year and will be fun this year too but why did I chose an early deadline.  It's retorical.  I can do it and I hope my BSBH partner will be pleased.  I was shopping for some of the parts on the deadline mail date.  Why the last minute?  Because I just didn't want any old mix sent out from my stash.  I wanted a PERFECT mix sent out from my stash and to do that I had to do just one more little tiny thing. 

Polychronic?  Why yes mamam, I am.  My time is linear and never ending.  I'll pack it up tomorrow and send it via priority so it will get there lickity split.  I would have normally sent it first class but since I'm doing this one day late we'll have it jetted away.

So do want to see from this batch that is going out to Raida?  Sorry - Raida gets the first totally great look as she unwraps the packages.  But if you are one of those decoder kind of people I'm sure you would be able to decifer what is in these photos   As soon as my soup arrives I'll put up a better picture of mine and a photo of what Raida has sent in this direction.  After that we've got to create our little hearts out.  It has to be quick, especially since the designing, work, photography and marketing all has to be ready for the first reveal date.  Our creating is followed quickly by the first scheduled blog hop on July 28th. 

Don't worry.  I'll post a better pictues when Raida's mix arrives and then I'll post hers and the "more viewable" version of mine.  Then it's onward and upward to the design.  We don't have long since the reveal is going to be July 28th.  Keep your fingers crossed.  I don't ususally design this fast.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day! - The 4th Of July!

First, today can not pass without saying
 a heartfelt Thank You to our military personal.

Gods and universe willing may we never have to battle an
enemy again - now, or in a distant future.
And to those who wish terrorism on this great country 
may we have mercy on your poor souls and coutrymen.  May the Heavens find a way to support and protect us all from harm - in your country and home - and in mine.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Let's Drive the Fudgie's Crazy!

It's Michigan - it's summer - and it's already steaming outside.  That is unusual for this time of year - but then it's crazy weather time all over the United States.  So, what does that mean?  Let me tell you my friend.  It generally means that every city slicker from Chicago through Detroit wants to go on vacation in Northern Michigan by the lake. 
Today we went to Traverse City - it's northwest of here.  It has buildings - architecture, shopping malls, doctors (the trip itinerary), and bead stores (YES!).  I needed a few things for my Bead Soup partner to round out the package I'm sending.  Town is packed - it's nearly Cherry Festival time.  TC (as we call it) is popular for vacationers.  Lots of beaches - a great downtown - plenty of restaurants and other amenities. 

Today’s trip was pretty funny.  We did what we planned and being in no particular hurry had a good laugh watching all the vacationers.  It looked like a city expressway on the roads.  It was 91 degrees outside yet the town was a thicket of bodies. 
So what does the title of this blog mean? They call this thicket of people "fudgies" - for the copious amounts of fudge they purchase while on these trips north.  It's like a tradition.  We refer to ourselves that way when visiting towns we don't know.  Everyone buys it, eats it, and ships it out for presents. 

The norm for the summer is for gas prices to be up around here.  So as we drive into town we see two lone gas stations right on the main drag with gas prices 40 cents lower than anyone else.  You'd of thought it was a parade.  Traffic was backed up a block in two directions since they were on opposite sides of the street.   It's a four lane street so can you imagine two of the lanes stopped like an ambulance needed to pass.  How funny it was to watch.  It was road rage in vacation mode....

Did we get gas - oh hell yes!  Our gas light was on so there was no better time.  Luckily I know town and the back way into the gas station so we weren't sitting ducks on the main drag but I laughed all the way through it.   And the fudgies?  LOL - lined up like a parking lot at the mall.  I can't help myself sometimes.  I just find the tiniest things funny.  I can laugh at myself now.  There was a time when I wouldn't have been caught dead in a line for gas or find the waiting funny - or be amused by a brand new car that wouldn't start after filling up.   But now.......I don't take it all that seriously. 
Life is too short not to enjoy the fudge.  Even in the heat!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Chronemics? I’m okay with that! – This is long post so hang with it.

I was checking into some of my favorite blogs and hit upon a topic in ah, maybe Luann Udell, or possibly Nina Bagleys.  I’m just not sure because when I saw the word polycron used to describe their functional behavior in relation to others I just had to look it up.  It’s not a bad word – it’s downright descriptive of me too.  Reading it made me feel like Colonel Klink of Hogan's Heros, “Very interesting” (using my best German accent here!)

It comes from the study of Chronemics.   Okay Sharon – so what is that?  Here you go (according to the Wikipedia:

“Chronemics is the study of the use of time in nonverbal communication. The way that an individual would perceive and value time, structure our time and react to time is a powerful communication tool, and helps set the stage for the communication process. Across cultures, time perception plays a large role in the nonverbal communication process. Time perceptions include punctuality, willingness to wait, and interactions. The use of time can affect lifestyles, daily agendas, speed of speech, movements and how long people are willing to listen.

Cultures are usually put into two time system categories: monochronic and polychronic.”

Still clear as mud?  Let’s see if we can magnify the concept  – uh, more info:

“The terms monochron and polychron have to do with our time sense: how we perceive and manage time. To a polychron, time is continuous, with no particular structure. Polychrons see time as a never-ending river, flowing from the infinite past, through the present, into the infinite future.

In the workplace, polychrons prefer to keep their time unstructured, changing from one activity to another as the mood takes them. Although polychrons can meet deadlines, they need to do so in their own way. A polychron does not want detailed plans imposed upon him, nor does he want to make his own detailed plans. Polychrons prefer to work as they see fit without a strict schedule, following their internal mental processes from one minute to the next.

Monochrons see time as being divided into fixed elements that can be organized, quantified and scheduled. Monochrons relate to time differently: to them, time is discrete, not continuous. Monochrons see time as being divided into fixed elements — seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, and so on — temporal blocks that can be organized, quantified and scheduled. Monochrons love to plan in detail, making lists, keeping track of their activities, and organizing their time into a daily routine.

Monochrons prefer to do one thing at a time, working on a task until it is finished, then, and only then, moving on to the next task. To a monochron, switching back and forth from one activity to another is not only wasteful and distracting, it is uncomfortable.

Polychrons are different. They love to work on more than one thing at a time. To a polychron, switching from one activity to another is both stimulating and productive and, hence, the most desirable way to work.

Can you see yourself in here somewhere?”

I’m a polychron married to a monochron.  No wonder our working habits could cause us to butt heads.  I envy how he could take on a project and go from front to back until it was complete.  I have lots of friends like that too.  Yikes, I don’t even clean the house like that.  I sort and clean in wide swatches which eventually come together.  He takes on one room at a time.

As far as work habits go I could use a little less polychron behavior – a whole lot less procrastination – and I need a generous dose of “Get Shit Done” from 13 Habits post.  Stop talking about it and start working!!