Sunday, April 26, 2015

So many things to discover!

We've almost landed in NC.  At this point we are working on the NC end of things - unpacking all of those household and studio items that were packed up months ago.  I'm surprised that it's all beginning to fit in well and get dispersed throughout the new home.   The Michigan house is up for sale and we've one, maybe two trips to make back to move Brian's tools from the studio to least the vital items we might be able to use here. 

Trudy and Daisy are adjusting well.  They love the new yard and are enjoying all of the new smells.  We understand there is a river path close, our son showed us how to get there yesterday where we can walk the dogs and Trudy can play in the water.  We can't wait.

Yesterday when we were with the kids we decided to drive up the mountain to Spruce Pine.  They were having a blacksmith show there and I wanted to see what Spruce Pine was like.  It's been nearly 20 years but some of first beads were made from Spruce Pine Batch.  I still have that strand of beads.  It was the cullet used in the glass furnaces of Al Young in Michigan.  We made beads in a class taught by Toby Upton and occasionally Al when Toby was absent with pulls from the furnace that were leftover from glass blowing.  Maybe it was prophetic that I ended up here in some way. 

This area of NC was always some mythical place to me.  It's where Penland (it's such a great art school) is located - where that huge castle called The Biltmore is - where Spruce Pine Batch was/ is still made.  I remember it was my first introduction to glass cullet and I was shocked to think that glass could come in 50# bags that were stacked like potatoes.  Whew, young and dumb!

I was a lot more romantically inclined back then but I find the mountains and the towns tucked in between them very magical.  Whether it's the artist in me or the youngster resurfacing for a long overdue play date, it doesn't make any difference.  It's rejuvenating and there are so many things to discover. 

The Blacksmith show was fun.  I don't think I've ever seen so many portable furnaces in one spot.  It seemed like every booth had a demo going on.  Children were aided in hammering on red hot metal - huge anvils were everywhere.  I felt star-struck, talkative with strangers, light-headed, and giddy. 

Live Demo at the Blacksmith's Festival

Spruce Pine downtown (the constant live demo is under the tent) but there were at least four others we saw along the street.
I'm going to like this move.  I bought a small coat rack for the hall.  It will be hard missing two adult children back in MI but great to be re-bonding with the one here.  They're all wonderful and I'll travel back to Michigan frequently, but home base from now on will be NC and all it's new adventures.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter All You Good Eggs!

Don't worry - back in Michigan, still moving.....but we are getting down to the end and getting the house listed next week.  Whew, what ride!