Sunday, August 20, 2017

Recent Run-In with Stamps

I can't say it's not a great time to use Navajo hand stamps - it most certainly is.  In keeping with my current fascination with reflector glass and the stamps I have created a necklace/brooch.  In the reverse I have used both a pin catch and the requisite necklace bail.  I wanted something I could wear both ways. 

There is so much more of this "line" of jewelry to come.  Some is on my bench in various states of being fitted with settings and so much more is in the sketchbook waiting to be fleshed out.  I really need to concentrate on what is already out there and then move forward - although I will admit it is always hard for me to do.  When the ideas are flying it is hard to focus.  But, it needs to be done.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


The Gathering was fabulous.  Old friends, acquaintances, new friends - - - so much to do.  I was pleased to room with Kathy Johnson.  What a ball of energy she is and delight to be with.  She's an old school ISGB member and so knowledgeable on who is who.  Not gossipy stuff - she does NOT do that....but when I would see someone I didn't know she generally did and I could then attach a name to an actual face of someone I had met on Facebook or who's work I had admired for years.

If you didn't go to this years Gathering you definitely missed out.  It reminded me of Gatherings from many years ago where we had all the vendors at our fingertips and plenty of classes to chose from. The ISGB had teamed up with Glass Craft Expo and the rest is history.  Glass Heaven.

I had a great class with Davide Penso and he was an Italian joy.   Masterful in what he did and who couldn't listen to the voice all day (wink wink).  I'm old, not dead.  I haven't used a blow pipe in years but eventually I was able to get a fairly decent bead out of it.  Practice, practice, practice.  Now that I'm home I will get back to it and see what I can do.  Baby steps - baby steps.

Here are a few photos from the show - More tomorrow.

Davide Penso blowing a bead

Me and Julie Couch (one of the presenters and instructors)

The Bead Show and part of the Expo (and the fantastic Barbara Becker Simon waving)
Rashon Jones working on on a glass goblet.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

7 More Days Until I take that ride to VEGAS

This is me getting ready for the Gathering:

Yup, this is me - hands over my head wondering about the changes I'm about to make to the necklace below.  I knew it was the wrong chain for the bottom but then decided I'd be better off making a solid drop for it.  More consistent to the vision of the work.
Please excuse the dental floss - it's what we put under stones that don't have a hole in the back - otherwise you can't lift them back out.

Finally, a more finished piece! I like the solid drapes better than the chain.  In the end I am sandblasting a bead that will be capped and hang at the bottom.  It's actually a sweet little necklace.  I'm giving it to the ISGB for the conference.  Silent Auction.  I hope it raises some money for whatever their future plana are.  They're a great group.

These are other pieces I've been working on, not set yet!  I'm finding the reflectors simply delicious to work with.  They're antique and reflect the light in such a beautfiul way.   And, of course, I'm going to a glass conference so it's doubly cool that they are glass and a glass that I love since they are bike reflectors and the very same kind that my grandfather tightened onto my bike.

Okay, onward and upward.  Only 7 days until I hope aboard that airplane!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Mechanisms and other goodies....

I had a great class with Richard Salley recently.  I seem to be really racking up the class hours.  It's always been great to work in metal but better when you can put your own clasps and things on a necklace or broach.  I will have to get a photo together of all of the items we made in Salley's class but in the meantime I thought I'd post a picture of a ring I just created.

I learned the technique from a friend Lynn while in Joanna Gollberg's class.  That's another perk of taking classes at this level.  People are very sharing and kind. 

This ring is a domed copper with a silver lining.  I love it!  I hope you do too.