Saturday, July 31, 2010

Conference Time and Gallery Hopping

Hot Shop Demo from More Fire Glass Studio

View from inside the Nan Miller Gallery

Today the ISGB (International Society of Glass Beadmakers) conference began in earnest. We had some great demos to watch and lots of conversation and friends to connect with. Then tonight the ISGB had ordered us up some transportation again and we were able to visit a great store called Let's Bead!. We then followed up the buying trip with some gallery hopping through the Nan Miller Gallery where Convergence II: Jewelry Design with Art Glass Beads was being shown and then to More Fire Glass Studio where the Perspectives Bead Show is staged among their beautiful glass offerings. More Fire also treated us to demos in the hot glass shop and torch working areas. It was inspiring.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Museum Fun

Students in the week long course at the Corning Studio's Hot Shop

The Empty Studio Hot Shop with cold furnaces

Reflections in the beakers

Typical casserole dishes shown heated to different temperatures. The ones at the top are annealed to the temperature which makes them usable in our ovens - they start out relatively clear and finish tempered very strongly to a nice opaque white. Their example was such an artistically arranged towering sculpture.

The Corning Museum has so many different facets - the museum with glass education and gallery, the school, and the library. I decided you might enjoy seeing some of each so the photos above are representative of what we saw educationally and at the school studios. The hot shop wasn't the only studio they were teaching in. There were torching lessons going on, cameo engraving on glass, making wet forms to kiln dry for slumping, and many children's classes besides - including furnace work. It would be a fantastic place to take a class - a total glass environment.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Today, the Corning Museum of Glass

This beautiful museum is like going into Habitat Galleries during April (glass month) in Michigan. Plus, it's got all of the bells a whistles that glass month doesn't have...and then some. It's late and I'm exhausted so I'm just going to post some "taken all over' photos of the musem and tomorrow I will get to some explanaton of what we've been seeing.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Gathering!

We made it. We left at about 9:30 AM and drove from Michigan - through Canada - and back into the United States to Rochester, NY. Tomorrow is the bus trip to Corning, NY. and the Corning Museum. I'll take photos and post them when I will be inspiring to see all of the glass.
The theme of this year's conference is "Beyond Boundaries". Tonight we could see everyone beginning to arrive...and all the laughing that filled the lobby, couches, and restaurants. This is going to be fun - - - - - -

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Well..., I was up and riding and getting ready for the Bazaar and decided to dismount. Pphfft! Zip, Done. In the garage I arranged the potential display and simply decided that there wasn't enough actual merchandise to fill it. Bead and Button was good to me, I'd have to close my Etsy temporarily and still it would feel bare -I wouldn't have any back-up stock to put out. It was a good plan but it's just not going to materialize and I'll call tomorrow and have them take my name off the bazaar list. I was going around and around this decision making process all week and felt like I was riding the carousel horses. Not to worry, I have a show in November with the Southeastern Michigan Beadmaker's Guild - Winter Wonders. By then I will have those trays filled and more jewelry completed. Onward and Upward.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again

I'm getting ready for the Gathering. I will miss not having two friends with me this year. My friend Susan is teaching a class at the Gaston School for the Arts during that week and my friend Mallory is up at her daughter's condo in St Paul, helping (which is a very good thing!). Lillian and I will be traveling to Rochester, NY by car. OMG! - a bona fide road trip....but with a destination. I consider it a road trip if it takes more than four hours to get there. I think it's going to take about eight as the bird would fly.

I'm going to be in the Bead Bazaar on Saturday of the conference and Lillian has graciously agreed to help me out with it. It will be fun. Not the setting up or the taking down but the middle part. Since the DH and I did art fairs all over the country for over 27 years I know all about the setting up and taking down, all I can say is ICK, Poo, Spit - hate it!

Oh Yeah, the first few years you enjoy the anticipation of it all. Each show is a beginning; an opportunity, and that part doesn't go away. But, it does get to be the dregs packing, throwing the gear into the car and trekking it into a show space to set it up. Literally, you are setting up a storefront weekly. And, when you are done with the set up you have to work all day - usually more than one day - and usually about a 14 hour day. ACK! For most of those 27 years I managed it and looked darn perky doing it. Today, I'm a little concerned about getting my "perky on" for a day after setting a booth space up in the morning. After seeing my friends in Ann Arbor looking a little worn at the edges on the first day of that show my imagination's running in overdrive.

Luckily, it's not a full outdoor booth. Just a table booth and not terribly complicated....but I still have concerns about the perky part. I count on my friends for the perky part - I'm the quiet one. Yes, I'm social but I'm not going to take any awards for standing out in a crowd with a look at me attitude. I'm the one blending into the wall paper and pretty happy about it too. If I could find a top to match my table cover so you wouldn't notice me I'd be so ever delighted. I'd also prefer to do it the way some corn stands do. I'd gladly put out a jar and you could drop in your money if you decide you'd like some of the tasty goodies. Nothing is ever that easy!

In a previous post I was off to make some earrings. Since my booth "buds" aren't going to be at the Gathering I figured I'd better make some jewelry. They are both very prolific jewelry makers so it filled a void (uh, empty table space) when I'm being lazy. Now what???? Who's going to CYA (my buns have avoided finishing objects for awhile now). Okay already...I thought sincerely of dropping out of the show. That was a very real possibility - I procrastinated like the pro that I am. I have not done a single (as in solo) art show in a good ten years or so. I actually think maybe I'm having a panic attack about all of this. Really! There is no good reason to be having one. My skills are competent in glass and metal.

Are you enjoying this discourse? It's like thinking out loud - a inner discussion spewed out so I can move forward by convincing myself of something I already know. It's all going to be okay! The photo is of some of the earrings I made. A small handful. It's not that there will be a BIG handful at the Bead Bazaar...more like...WYSIWYG. What jewelry there is to exhibit will be cleanly accomplished - I'm tidy, what can I say. And, the inner critic hopes you will like it. It's been a long time between solo flights.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fair Fun

This is Jim Ardis's booth. He does this fantastic and huge outdoor art. Sculptures for your yards - arbors, and wall art. We've know him for a long time and if your ever get to see this stuff you'll be amazed. Not your run of the mill copper cut outs.

I think I've mentioned this before the Ann Arbor Art Fairs are actually four fairs. It covers most of the town and is usually in first or second place for the top fair in the country. I didn't think we'd make it through all of it...but after what we did see, with breaks and lunch I was on eye candy overload anyway. We were able to see lots of old friends and linger our way along the many streets. A Greek lunch was wonderful too. Music, impromptu and planned is always an extra treat. There were bands and many street musicians. Even a booth of pet portraits - "Blue Dog" would have been proud.

And then there are the sales - it is summer close-out time and nearly every store has a special going on or a booth outside their storefronts. There are so many funky stores you could just spend the day going from store to store - shoes, clothing, eyeglasses. Yes, I love the eyeglasses. Every year in the summer "SEE" (that's the name of the store) closes out lots of last year's frames. You can purchase funky frames (originally priced in the stratosphere) for $49.00.

This town is home of the University of Michigan - you've got to love college towns! It could be any university actually, they just tend to draw an eclectic and diverse population.

There are so many things to love about these particular art fairs. The university atmosphere, the four art shows, the sales, the music, the diversity, and sandwiched in between two of the fairs there is the section of non-profit booths. There are booths that can just tickle you in that section and some that make you want to cry.

Sometimes the placement of the booths can be absolutely absurdly the Atheists of the World were two booths down from a wonderful group of Muslims - who had signs out that everyone should come and get to know them because they were really peaceful people. I agree and don't know why they needed signs to announce that but they were so sincere and nice. Oh, and just down the road - is the the Buddhist Temple.

The non-profits are most certainly not restricted to people of religion. Want to talk to pro-choice - they're there, but they were about a half dozen booths down from the Catholics! Love a Libertarian? They were there and next to the Welders from Washtenaw County Community College....there's a joke there somewhere. The Democrats were there and I loved the fact that the couple in the booth had been married a million years and were retiree's. Where were those young hip types standing by the Obama T-shirts? Heck if I know.

I gave money to the Soup Kitchen people and the Save the Greyhound people. Maybe it was a year to feed everyone. It is definitely a street to keep an open mind on and to talk to your hearts content on any topic of interest. I took a few photos of the booths. I wish I'd of gotten the one on how to continue to help the Haitians because there was a phone number on the front. And I took a photo of a booth that was full of photos but then deleted it when I was editing It was such a honorable booth but the photos were the kinds where you can not blink, they make you wince, and didn't think it appropriate to pass along here. They were there to talk about the toll that land mines are taking on some of the native populations of some countries - heartbreaking! I know there are many fine arts shows to visit while in Ann Arbor but I will dare to suggest spending a little time on this street taking to these passionate booth sitters. It very quickly helps you to understand your place in the world and I always feel a lot more humble and thankful when I am done.

Attached all over this post are the photos I took. I really didn't get much on the "art". There were lots of signs out asking that everyone not shoot photos of their work. I'm thinking it's the economy and so many artists are concerned about being ripped off artistically. Before, pre-economy crashes, there were not. But so many times photos are taken and repo's have turned up in major chain stores. Sad but true.

And, the last photo - I just thought it was fun to find this plant by a parking lot. In Ann Arbor the art is everywhere!

Fair Weather Day

Off and running this morning - - - - going to the Ann Arbor Art Fair! It's always wonderful and a little bitter sweet as we visit with old friends. We used to participate in this show every year but since DH's spinal surgery nearly two years ago we've had to take a sabbatical. It's been tough on him - forced retirement. I'll let you know how the show looks this year. It should be a wowzer since there are some new artists.

TAH TAH for now.................

Monday, July 19, 2010

Well, I'm not this laid back but I'm hanging out in the studio and making some earrings today.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Reserve the Right To Disagree

In our family a heated discussion about any topic from politics and religion to family matters was not considered an earth shattering event. In the end people could agree to disagree - no one was really crazed about it all. No one was peeved to the point of distraction or thinking they had to change their opinion because the other person might not like them or be "friends or family" anymore.

My son and I had worked for a long time at the same place. In that place we had team meetings where all the people involved in a client's care would meet once a week to discuss that care. Those meetings were a lot like my family - we had heated discussions from time to time about what was best for a child in our care. These were not personal attacks, just opposing positions. Often, my son - Don - and I would not agree on a path for treatment. Sometimes the other team members would get uncomfortable. Don and I would find it amusing. One of us would sense the tension and laugh, breaking the ice, and often he would say - "Get over it - this is just family bonding." For over twenty years (although Don was not there for all of those 20) we hashed out excellent treatment for the youth we served and we family bonded. We all learned the art of disagreement and negotiation for the benefit of the population we served. We did not agree, we stated our opinions and the reasoning for those opinions - and then we would decide on a plan. It was never all my way - or their way - and often it was a blend. And sometimes we just agreed to disagree and go with the majority - voting for a president is like that (we are all Americans, after all). It not only was okay, it was fantastic.

We all now meet via a facebook site or phone calls. Ah, yup - all of these "teammates" who were involved in the heated discussions. We just had a reunion - we are having a pig roast next week to celebrate Deb's eleventh year of being cancer free.

Recently I said to an acquaintance that she needed to "Get Over it". I forget that everyone doesn't handle heated conflict well. She was highly offended and for that I apologized. But, I have an educated opinion about the politics of the state I live and work in. I think others are entitled to theirs too but I also think if you are going to endorse someone you ought to investigate their track record and talk to people who might give you a broader base of knowledge from which to draw your opinion.

It is my personal opinion (and this only an analogy) that all Christmas presents look great wrapped up. Mostly you don't know what's in there until it's unwrapped and being used. It could be a kitchen mixer. But - But - But - is it a Kitchen Aid that can handle the pressure of lots of kitchen duties, or is it a hand mixer that you needed for the lighter and fluffy stuff? It's like that with politicians - they all look good making those speeches in their Christmas wrap. It's up to each of us to figure out what's beneath the wrapping and decide which utensil is going to suit us best.

The person I offended doesn't want to be Facebook "friends" anymore. It's okay. We weren't friends we were acquaintances. I have lots of friends and acquaintances and if you can't take the heat, or the apology, or an honest discourse on politics then get out of the pan. To this issue of being "friends" I think Doctor Seuss had a saying:

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind" ~Dr.Seuss

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Redesigning a Studio Space

I’ve never had a dedicated studio space. That’s not to say I haven’t had a lot of studio space. I do. It’s just that it’s in every room in the house, a hall, a half a basement, parts of one bedroom; including one full closet. I’m sure that everyone spreads out when they work. But I clearly have not utilized my space well. If the majority of my hand tools are upstairs but I have to run down to the basement to use the foredom, then what good is that? Oh sure, it's good exercise but that's what I need, not want. Especially when I'm running down to drill one hole so I can come back up and rivet something. It doesn’t make any sense.

I’m redesigning the spaces and we will see how it goes. I need more space and better organized space. The first thing that needs to be done is switching out bins of beads to larger sizes. I have stashes that need purging into these bins. Mostly I sort out beads by color. When I'm looking for an accessory bead to match some concept it's nice to be able to go straight to a possible color combination. The original bins are overflowing and the entire system was tilting and ready to fall down.

So, today – We emptied one set of small bins of beads into larger ones – cleaned off “monster steel desk” – and dusted until I was sneezing. A desk top – Whoo Hoo. It’s been years since I’ve seen it empty. This is where I am starting, with a blank slate. As I add in the items that need to be there, so I can work more efficiently, I’ll take another photo for everyone to see. The first thing I needed was a place to throw my pliers. Admittedly I'm a tool addict - look at those pliers. They're not even all on there yet! I've always used something like this. Either in the form of a towel rack or board. It's a lot easier to grab what you need when you can see the tips of the pliers. It also makes for easy clean-up.

It's all beginning to come together. It will take a while because the studio items are spread so equally about the house. About the only place you won't find a tool is in the bedroom and bathroom. If you have some hints about ways to make this more efficient please email me. I will gladly take any suggestions. Off to fill up that table and sort out some of that pile I moved to the floor. Do you like the old sherbet container with the UFO's (unfinished objects) marked "finish me"? Maybe those can go into the closet!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's Raining - Again

Okay, here's the plan. Procrastinate until I'm desperate and then run like a bat out of hell. Don't get excited, I think it's my normal plan. I need a new one. It's raining, I wanted to go to the Ann Arbor Art Shows today and didn't - poop. It's not raining there until tonight. Okay, so the new plan is to go tomorrow, but the husband (I get formal when he's annoying) says, "and how are we going to pay for this?". Uh, dunno - don't care - car is full of gas - I have credit - I can make sandwiches to take - WHATEVER (insert your own Valley Girl tone right here!). He doesn't mean any of it, he just doesn't want to be on the road that much. It is a day trip plus. Suck it up big boy, we're going.

Then there is the rain - I need to torch. I'm not ready for the Gathering bead bazaar. I never am. And why aren't I, you ask. Because..........I procrastinate. What a cycle.

Maybe I should just ask Trudy to go. She likes trips and doesn't care how long they are. She's always up for them. She'd like the art show too! Lots of people to fuss over her. She's a show-off. She was a champ on our Chicago journey - and she loves Sonic french-fries. Hmmmmm, maybe we should take a car trip today today. That's the photo of our last trip to Pet Smart. She's a ham, enjoys trying on things, and mugging for the camera.

Am I done procrastinating now? - - - probably not - - - maybe if I go get dressed. Maybe if I put Trudy's bunny ears on. I wonder what movie's are on...........

Monday, July 12, 2010

BEADS OF COURAGE - Did you vote today?

Lost my Widget! Click HERE and go to the site and vote for Bead of Courage!

Beads of Courage

Beads of Courage is part of the Pepsi Refresh Challenge. They need your votes. Currently they are sitting in 20th place and we only have until July 31 to get the necessary votes to move to the top of the rankings. You can vote everyday - actually you can vote more than once if there is some time lapse between the votes. Please go and vote for this worthwhile cause. You don't even have to sign up for any Pepsi emails or ad nonsense. Let's help the kids with this worthwhile project. VOTE NOW! There is a widget on my blog which will make it easy.

SPREAD THE WORD on your blog too - tell your friends - email everyone - HURRY please.

If you'd like to check out more about the Beads of Courage Program I've added the easy click option for you.

Thank You (in advance) for all of your votes, Sharon

Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Pendants

So what do you think? I've been working on disc beads to make into pendants. These are the first two of a pendant series. The centers haven't been polished yet but that will only take a few minutes to complete - I just couldn't wait any longer to take a photo and post them. I have planned out a wide variety of styles. Some have cast front discs instead of set stones and others will be set into domes. Lots of ideas...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Keeping the Faith for a Friend

No one can exactly accuse me of being religious. My mother was Catholic and my father Methodist. My Grandfather might have been Jewish. Maybe that makes me a little of everything and a whole lot of nothing exactly.

One of the many things that I learned from my grandfather was about American Indians....not that his knowledge was extensive but he had several friends who were Seminole from Florida. He talked about the great spirit and what it meant to be "spiritual". I always thought it was his way of covering what ever bases he felt my parents had missed when my mother pulled me out of Catechism one year when she was particularly angry with the priest (and for good reason I might add). It made things pretty confusing when I occasionally bounced between churches and ideologies so the "spiritual" thing stuck the best, not that any of us attended church all that much.

Bubba (my grandfather) instilled in me that whatever God was out there didn't care if you went to an organized house of worship since his church, like him, was everywhere - all the time. It used to laugh when the kids I worked with used to say 24/7/ always made me think of my Grandfather and "the big picture".

My mother, hence the photo of the candles, always lit candles. It was a carry over from church and we always thought she'd eventually burn down the house. Now, I do the same thing. I always purchase the Virgin of Guadalupe candles from the store. In my kitchen one is lit most of the time when I am home. It's kind of a silent reminder to be thankful and mindful of that big picture. Sometimes it's lit because a friend needs a prayer - today is one of those days.

A friend of mine, and more than likely someone you are acquainted with if you are checking in on this blog, is in need of a prayer. Her daughter isn't well. She has been a friend to many in the bead making world (and an exceptional participant in Beads of Courage) - a cheerful - kind - role model. Maybe you can make an origami crane, or light a candle, whisper a prayer, cross your fingers or eyes, whatever it is that you do when you ask for a little divine intervention on someones behalf. Energy everyone!!!!....power up and send a positive thought into the universe. The spirits will know who it is for and what it's about. My prayers and thoughts are with you my friend.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Random Acts Of....

No kind action ever stops with itself. One kind action leads to another. Good example is followed. A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees. The greatest work that kindness does to others is that it makes them kind themselves. Ameila Earhart

Yesterday we went to Walmart (oh stop, it’s nearest store – as in a half hour away near). My dear husband decided to drop me at the door nearest the pharmacy to drop a prescription off while he drove to the other entrance to unload bottles and cans. A kind gesture – sometimes my back still aches from the surgery. Somehow; this kindness, as he pulled to the side of the drive as not to block traffic, sent some other husband (driving with his wife) into a fit of anger. He began cussing and waving at us as I got out of the car. He also backed up his vehicle after he passed because I think my husband might have responded. I was at that point, out of the car with my back to our car – door closed. This man began to personally berate me – I tried to apologize – to explain that it hurts sometimes to walk. He saw this apology as a sign of weakness, I guess, and escalated the screaming – telling me I should just stay at home, expletive, blah blah….

Okay, I tried kindness. I probably should have left it there – I do know better than to engage the village idiot.

But, I forgot and when feeling threatened find myself quite gifted (like a trucker in heat) with the ability to return in kind and up the ante. Maybe I thought I was still working and could summon a potential goon squad to stand behind me – I don’t know. I was possessed, the devil made me do it. I looked up into the truck – past the wifey – and said, “Why don’t you get off your fat ass and come out here – and you better bring it – or shut the F* up.” He looked shocked – ppfffffhhhhht, and drove off. I turned, threw my purse over my shoulder and proceeded into the store.

What the hell was I thinking? - - - - I dunno. I’m not going to sweat it.

Kindness usually works. It’s important to be kind to people. You never know how their day has been or how you might impact them by a moment of just doing the right thing. It’s not hard or difficult to smile at people, open a door and such. In fact, it’s down right contagious. Tomorrow, not as a penance or anything, I’m going to work harder on RAK’s. (Random Act’s of Kindness). I don't mind being a warrior princess once in awhile but on the whole I'd much rather be Gandhi.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wake Up Sharon!

This is how I feel today - it's raining. I have about two weeks to get jewelry and beads ready to take to the Gathering in Rochester, New York. ACK!...deadlines. If I can muster the strength after the curlers come out, ha, I will take some photos of what I'm working on. Or, I may just stay prone on the couch a little longer.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Rock On" Woodstock

While on my journey to Illinois to visit my darling daughter, and her boyfriend, we were treated to trips to the nearby town of Woodstock. I was telling you yesterday about the incredible Rocking Horse Sculptures but saved the photos for today. Here is what I found out about the beautiful art work horses around the Woodstock Square. In total there were 26. I've only shown you a few here but there were many other exceptional pieces.

The rocking horses were created to be auctioned off later to benefit "Main Stay". Main Stay Therapeutic Riding has been using horses to heal humans for over 23 years. They work with people who have special needs such as autism, cerebal palsy, stroke, alzheimers, traumatic brain injuries, and many others. They also accept donations so feel free to send them a little if you can. My daughter-in-law Sonya does wonderful work with horses and I can tell you this is a worth while endeavor.

This artist for Kuda-Karun-Ku (translated: My Treasured Horse) is Siti-Mariah Sullivan. Isn't the painting on this particular piece intricate? And look at what she did with the saddle. It's has a falcon painted at the end where the curves are. Spectacular in every way.

This was a beautiful Rocker. It was a magical Koi Pond and it just sparkled in the day light sun. The artist is Patti Douglas and it's title is "Horse Out of Water".

Below is the close-up of the barnyard rocker called "Down on the Farm". The artist (Sandie Bacon) used the great story about the goat, dog, and rooster....etc. The trunk base they turned into a chicken coop and she had it full of little hens and chicks.

Don't ya just love Arty communities? The horse below is the "Tuscan Vineyard" by Belinda Bockman. It was so richly done with the vineyards painted on the saddle blanket, the grapes on the horse and then the Pellingino labels on the saddle. An especially nice touch was the base of the rocker. They had cut wine bottles in half and added them to the trunk. This was a very cleaver piece of work.

This was my mini-tour of the Main Stay Sculptures but if you'd like to see more or vote for your favorite horse you can by clicking on this link: Rock ON.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Awake in Woodstock!

These are photos of the Historic Opera House on the square in Woodstock, Illinois

I thought this would be a great building to live in. It had this incredible architecture going for it.

How time flies when you're celebrating! I've been working hard to get ready for the Gathering (The annual conference for the International Society of Glass Beadmakers - ISGB). Then, we took a break and went to Illinois for Independence Day. As my friend Janel would say...There goes "Swirl Girl" again. June and July are always packed with so many things to do I tend to swirl around from this and that until I am a bit dizzier than normal.

The park in the Center of Woodstock, Illinois

While at our daughters in Wonder Lake (outside of Chicago) we got to relax and do some shopping. I know, lots of people don't find shopping relaxing but I'm chronic window browser and love to see new buildings, old towns, shops packed full of antiques, and anything over two stories tall. Kate (DD) took me to the nearby town of Woodstock.

Twice a week they have a farmers market that surrounds the town square. It was heaven to me. Fresh flowers, super fresh vegetables, soapmakers, eggs, bakers, farmers with fresh free range organic meat, and so on it went. They even had entertainment in the Gazebo. How fun. We filled a few bags on the square for dinner and then moved on to a few of the stores. I found some antique Milagros to add to my sugar skull designs and did some ooh and ahhhh at tons of antiques and jewelry.

Around the Woodstock Square they also had what many towns have been doing. It's the painting of a resin (fiberglass maybe?) animal and then the sculptures are displayed around the town. Woodstock's theme was "Rock On". They were all rocking horses on boxes. These were petty exceptionally done and cleaver so after I edit the photos I'll post some tomorrow for you to see.

The Woodstock claim to 15 minutes of fame is the fact that the movie "Ground Hog Day" was filmed there. I get it! It's a beautiful town. Now I'm going to have to go and rent the movie and see what has changed over all of these years.

And last, but always fun, on July 4Th we went to the Woodstock Theatre for a matinee. It's an old fashioned theatre but they were showing four current selections. We saw Eclipse for a whooping $4.00. Can you believe that? Oh, and...the popcorn was great and the employees all seemed to have on the old fashioned kind of theatre uniforms I used to have as a kid (I worked in a old theatre at 16). Are we done yet? No! They had free refills on popcorn and pop AND when you were leaving the theatre there was an attendant at the door with a huge bowl of hard candy. He was saying goodbye and expressing that he hoped you enjoyed your movie, "Would you like a piece of candy?" I will delightfully and honestly say I have never been treated nicer or had a better time for four dollars.

Now that I'm refreshed and rested it's back to the beads. Hope you like the photos!