Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December was so busy!

I’m just not sure where all the time has flown this month.  It’s just plain craziness when things aren’t getting posted.  Maybe I can catch you up to date – the short versions.
Daisy (cutest 5 month old retriever in the world) dashed after a cat and knocked me down five steps.  Plop!  Hit my head on the cement and broke my ankle.  Luckily there are two bones in there and I only l took out one, and not the load bearing one. 

I’ve been working away on some pieces.   I have to set the stones.  Actually I have stones to set on many since it seems like I’m at that point on several pieces.
In the middle of soldering a new piece I had about the most freaky incident happen.  My mini Smith torch blew a hose.  It cracked immediately under the hand piece while I was trying to solder down a bezel.  So I got this backwash of flame in my hand that shot out so fast it blew the torch out of my hand.  Luckily nothing was hurt and I could grab the torch and turn off the gas.   My hand is okay now – it wasn’t at first but Silvadine cream for burns and an ice pack overnight got me back to normal.  A new hose is ordered and all is well.

Christmas has come and gone – ours was nice and  hope yours was too.  My daughter is pregnant with a baby boy and she and her hubby are just beaming brightly.  So are the future Grandma and Grandpa.

Well…I’m guessing this will just about have to wrap it up for this month and I will begin fresh in the new year with looks at the final pieces and lots of new ideas, work, and tips. 
I hope your holiday was beautiful and fulfilling and that your 2014 is an even better year yet!
With Love,