Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Interesting Art

Have you seen this Facebook page?  It's just fascinating.  It's called Simply Eyes. Go and look.  You'll just love it.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

On the Bench Today...

Winter has hit - boo hoo.  But it is a great time to work and not feel bad about being at the bench.  I've decided that I ought to start a segment on this blog called, "On the Bench Today".  It would be good to show everyone at least once a month what the heck is sitting there...even if I'm in the middle of the process.  If you have any questions about things please don't be afraid to ask.

I'm getting parts ready to add to a necklace I'm working on...hence the flat rings and the end caps.  The filigree I have cut up is destined for a ring or brooch.

A larger view of the bench area.  Above the other goodies I've already described I've a pendant in progress and who knows what else.  I'm always knee deep in things I'm working on....it's a curse (or maybe a blessing) to have so many ideas and only two arms to work with.
So what's on your bench today?
Come on - We want to see what you're working on too!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Cab Sandwich Update...

From the back - the plate placement.  The rivets are soldered to the front plate and will be riveted in the back plate. I still need to cut tubing to fit the rivets.  They will hold the space steady between the front and the back.

The front of the cab sandwich.  Note the pins are this point are about 3 times they length they need to be and the bezel needs to be cleaned up so it will fit the cab a little better.  When I started it fit - but it doesn't right now....grrrrrr.

Here we are all fit together in the stage where I consider what needs to be polished first - what the finish might be (bright/oxidized/ whatever).  I also have dangles that I want to hang on the loose soldered jump ring that is hanging from one of the bottom rungs.  Hmmmmm - what to put there?  I've got to figure out what goes with that heart.  Hearts and flowers? Lost love?  Circus love (I mean it is a triadic color scheme and almost straight red, yellow, blue), so what to do - yikes.