Sunday, November 18, 2012

No torch time - ACK! - but I'm not sittin' around

There hasn't been any torch time lately so I've been busy getting some ceramics glazed.  Well, that and making some bread and some pies for Thanksgiving.  Part of what I did on my little hiatis was to take two quicky classes - I call those brain recovery/ destressing activities.  Anything that's creative but not in the 'norm" will do.

In this case I've always made a lousy pie crust and I can tell you that for many years my friend Susan has worked with me on bread to absolutely no avail....and she has worked hard on it.  She's sent me countless pdf's - xeroxed instructions (she knows I'm a total visual learner - thank goodness for you smart teacher friends).  She's coached, called, and sent photos.  Finally I gave up and took a class. 

Whoo Hoo - I got bread.  It was a class derived from 5 minute Artisan Breads - great class and book.  The other class helped tremendously with the pie crust.  I made a great crust last night but a lousy filling.  Who can ruin a pie - ME!  Today I corrected that (can we say do over) and froze them uncooked.  They'll come out of the oven all perfect for Thanksgiving.  And boy do I have plenty to be thankful for - this year - and every year.

I also unloaded some ceramics from the kiln and here are two recent additions to Etsy.  There are more yet to photgraph and list.

And... I want to whisper something in your ear while I'm here talking.  I'm having a sale on Etsy that is starting on Thanksgiving.  It's a way to say thanks for the all of the support.  BUT, I wanted to let all of my blog readers know first so if there is something you'd like at 20% off - convo me and I'll hold that listing for you at the sale price.  This gives you a little jump so you can concentrate on all of the holiday doings too.

Hugs -  Sharon

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Back in the Saddle

My father used to make such jokes...we'd watch Roy Rogers or whatever and there's some cowboy chase going on and he'd say, "Hey look, there goes Tom Mix and his horse - Cement."  I was little and he'd giggle - so would I, but I didn't get it until much later.  He'd also refer to the monkeys in the Tarzan movies as my Uncle Mike. 

Anyhoo - the "Back in the Saddle" title brought out that little revelation and memory.  LOL

Ceramic Barrel Bead - hand carved and under glazed

Lampwork Elf Set

Ceramic Mitten Pendants and connectors
I'm back to listing on Etsy - although I admit to taking some very crappy photos this time.  Gheezish - gotta get things moving even if they aren't perfect.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Thinking of Veterans

Yesterday I was shopping in our only local haunt (Walmart - oh yuck!) and in the store was this handsome young man dressed in his uniform.  He was with the Air Force.  I should have stopped him and shook his hand.  I didn't - and I feel embarrassed about that.  Maybe I was surprised to see him there since we do not live near any military base.  And why that would shock me I do not know since we have plenty of the children from this community who are serving their country.  But where I grew up military were common place - they were my friends fathers.  We lived near to what was then Selfridge Air Force base.  Eisenhower was president and their fathers were involved in a "military action" called Vietnam.

It got me to thinking about the military.  As I grew up and presidents changed; Vietnam expanded, and it was my friends who were either enlisting or were called to duty by the draft.  As the first man I knew was KIA we mourned and prayed for our friends, brothers, or fathers to return.  And return they did - after ONE tour of duty.   Many had PTSD (very unpopular and difficult to prove at the time).  Many (including my husband to be) were exposed to Agent Orange.  It was being sprayed around the bases to keep the foliage down.  Trust me, I am not waxing nostalgic about this war - or any war.  People are killed - ours/theirs - innocent and otherwise.

My concern is that today these service men and women are being deployed to these wars for several tours of duty.  After having seeing what one tour can do - what in heavens name to do we think two, three, and sometimes more are going to do.  So many have survived one tour to be KIA in the second. PTSD?  Who would not have a stress disorder after such continual deployment.

I am worried about this trend of deployment and crazy overseas warfare.  I want our servicemen home - let them take care of our home front.  Hell, deploy them to New Jersey for clean-up.  Cook in Soup Kitchens.  Rebuild and defend America here at home.  Maybe it's an isolationist type of thinking but I do not care.  I'm sorry other countries are having it rough - we are too. 

Our service men and women deserve better than they've gotten...and I guess, for me, it better start at not being startled to see a young man in uniform.  And NOT being to embarrassed to say "Thank You." 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Alive and Well

Hey - Sorry about the lack of posts.  I had to take it off my plate for a bit.  And where I have I been - trip to North Carolina when Frankenstorm hit - small earthquake - and a very large and sorrowful old dog journey.  We've made it back home to receive new furniture and new bed.  Boy have I been busy...hopefully we'll get back to blogging as I once again pick up the pace.

Hugs, Sharon