Monday, January 25, 2010

In the Color Range

So, it's not a road bead, yet. But I think I'm in the right color range. I've been tossing around the idea of felting some flower pins to go with my beads. I've done the wet felting before and I love making wet felt beads and felted soap so this is just a natural progression. It was Bethany Adams of Gwacie Beads that turned me on to the felted soap - she rocks as a beader and a person. She is the reason I have that great Etsy banner. I am such a rook and she is the Queen...From the felted soaps I moved on tot he beads and now to dry felting and some mixed media. See what I mean....if you can get a gwacie in your life she'll spruce you up and move on in a wonderful direction....

When I pulled out the bright blue felt to start I wasn't thinking about a potential color scheme for my pin. I just merrily began felting some petals. Fairly quickly I had this felt flower and realized that maybe it wasn't making me go BOOM BOOM POW. Damn it all!!!! I want it to pop. So now what........................................okay, when all else fails get out that tired out color wheel and check out where you're at. It looks like I was heavy into the analogous color scheme so I just went for it. I'm adding a very purplish seed bead into this mix and I think it's going to work out great. Maybe use the shining purple around the center bead in a branch pattern, or many in little single bunches. Now that the color where has so carefully guided by direction I can get to work.

How are you using your color wheel? I frankly have a hard time without. it must come from my days decade's ago working with Dave Barr. He was such an animal to color. So don't forget to answer the questions and show Me something spicy you are working on. Maybe we all need permission to have an inner-freak week!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Road Trip Inspiration

Winter weather is fine – if you’re of the age or agility to enjoy a good sled ride. I think I’d still enjoy it but I’m sincerely assuming my body would stage a revolt if I did. So until the miracle of space age medical replacements comes I’ll have to settle for fun memories and a heated window seat to the action.

Driving in winter weather leaves much to be desired. It’s not like the sled ride although both can be done with copious amounts of screaming. Luckily, this road trip is being managed by my husband. The DH is a winter warrior with a penchant for XM radio and enough focus for two. That’s excellent because I can concentrate on other things – like relaxing – NOT!

I’d been reading Niche magazine for part of the drive. It’s interesting to look at crafts through a retailer’s perspective. It also keeps my mind off of the tail lights of other cars and those well practiced lungs of my sledding days. HAH!

Once the magazine was done, and trust me I lingered on it, I looked out through the windshield and saw what you’re seeing in that photo. Photoshop sharpened it a bit for me but when I first looked up my eyes were just a bit blurred.

What I saw was an organic focal bead – Grey blue, hints of heavy evergreen, opal yellow (or uranium dots) with bubbles, and maybe a trailing of very lightly silvered ivory or transparent smoke. Call it snow blindness, cabin fever, or a deep desire to be on that torch and not on that road trip but that bead is coming. Sooner or later (as an art teacher once told me) you keep putting all that visual information in your brain and it will eventually reach the tips of your fingers. In one form or another I think every art instructor I’ve ever had that was into “art” and not just technique has repeated that same sentence. Input = Output. I’d have to add one more thing to that… can input your fanny off into your brain but without the technique it’s Art Appreciation not necessarily Art Interpretation. You have to HAVE the crayon in your hand and learn what it can do. Thank you so many teachers, past and present, for teaching me to see with my eyes and interpret with my heart.

See what a simple road trip can do to me.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Thinking Spring Already

I've already started on the spring flowers - Have you gotten any catalogs yet? This is one of the color schemes I'm working on.

"Hearts and Flowers" are beginning to fill my Etsy pages.

Snow? What snow!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Meet Ms. Mallory Hoffman

I'd like to take the opportunity to introduce a friend and fellow beadmaker to everyone. Mallory has already been mentioned in previous posts but I thought we were long overdue for an interview. Last year Mallory joined Lillian and I on our usual Bead and Button outing in June. It was a joy to finally meet my Internet Pal. It was as if we'd known one another forever. Clearly it was her personality that made me feel that way - I'm more like the flower on the wallpaper. She is outgoing, talkative, and knows a whole lot of us beadmakers. Hey, we're great people to know!

Mallory was kind enough to provide me with answers to a few questions - I really need to develop an "interview style". She is much more dynamic than my lame questions imply so jump right on the clickable parts of this introduction and introduce yourself to her. Mallory has her own blog (For the Love of Beads), and two wonderful stores, one on Etsy and another on Artfire.
Above and below are some of the many beads that Mallory can create and our interview:

Tell us about yourself - Who is Mallory Hoffman?
That's a good question. (Obviously she didn't get to read the Sharon is lame part!). She's someone who had changed and evolved and become addicted to melting glass.

When did you develop an interest in working with glass?
I've loved glass objects all my life. About 4 years ago, I took a basic lampworking class and the rest is history.

What's your favorite color and what are you currently working us, please!
I have about 10,000 favorite colors. Right now, I love turquoise. It's the Pantone color for 2010. Yipeeeee! I'm very eclectic! I just work on what comes to mind.

Give us some advice for a newbie beadmaker
I'll give you the same advice that was given to me: Work every day at your craft, even if it's just 15 minutes a day. You'll be amazed at how much your skills develop in a short time.

And now for some silly stuff. If you were an animal what kind of animal would you be? No fair saying Pixie Marie (Pixie is Mallory's beautiful greyhound rescue) we already know she is great. Check out Mallory's blog for photos of Pixie!
I'd be a hedgehog. They sleep a lot!

Oh, the hedgehog thing. Just one thought on that. I've stayed in a room with you - when do you sleep? She's up early - and busy too. That is very unlike yours truly who is more like the hedgehog and would rather be a rooster like Mallory! Thanks for letting us get to know you and for sharing your beautiful beads.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Where Old Tires Go!

Don't fret - Mallory the True Story will be posted soon! In the meantime take a look at this artform. Wow, these are fantastic. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mallory - The Prequel

She is going to kill me for this - maybe - she has a sense of humor. I'm calling this a prequel because there WILL be a story forthcoming about the charming, talkative, self-assured, spiritual, kind, friendly, mother of two and special Mom to "Pixie" the wonder dog. She is worth many a story and interview.

BUT, in the meantime I have got to show you something. I SNATCHED (without permission - so this is where the killing me part might come in) a photo of a piece of Mallory's work. This particular work caught my eye immediately. It's interesting. I KNOW that key because I have one. In fact, everyone I have worked with has one. Tee Hee...I'm thinking there are a whole lot of kinky people who might have one. Oh my Miss Mallory! I know you are innocent. Really, everyone...please believe me here. REALLY, because she's taller and I think faster than me.

Have you all guessed yet? I never thought of using mine this way...and frankly it would be a great improvement because it's really very plain - mundane, when it's just hanging there amongst the other keys. Thanks Mallory, instead of returning mine I'm going to re-purpose it.

I might even wear it myself in case I ever feel the need to make a getaway.

Got it yet? Come on everyone. At least one of you has been locked in a set of them and needed one of these. Some of you are old hippies after all; and others, young rebels. You know - Peace/ Love/ Rock and Roll (Rap, ugh!). You still need this!

Buy this key and wear it on a nice chain. When the next police officer pulls you over for speeding ask him if he wouldn't mind loaning you his handcuffs for a moment because you want to see if your lucky key still works. I bet his (lets not be sexist - or her) face goes white to see a handcuff key dressed up so pretty with a bead. It's wonderful. I love it. I like Mallory too!

Next installment..."Mallory - The True Story."

A Favorite TV Pastime

A girl has got to dream! Most every artist has a good imagination. I imagine myself living in the HGTV Dream Home for 2010.

Actually, I have imagined myself living in them for quite a few years now. So far I have moved myself into homes in Florida, North Carolina, uh...somewhere outwest, and now in Arizona. If we won the house in Arizona I could invite all of you to come and stay and we could all go to the Tuscon Bead Shows...that SUV comes with it. I've included a photo of the house and a link. There is even a guest house attached. Nice!

Sign yourself up, there are no strings to entering. One of us deserves to win, right?