Sunday, March 8, 2015

Unpacking...New Studio Here We Come!

How time flies when you’re moving…whew!  It’s been like a respite from the arctic.  When we left Michigan it was 30 degrees below zero and that was without the wind chill factored in.  We packed in a big hurry because we picked up a trailer on a Thursday and then they announced one of those big weather fronts was going to come through after the cold spell.  The one that dumped all that ice and snow on the Midwest and up through Boston and New York.  We decided we needed to “get outta Dodge” before it hit or we’d have to wait another four days for it to be cleared away. 
This is how the new studio looked before I started moving boxes, floor protection (flashing and fire retardant carpet), tools, boxes, and equipment into place.

Looking pretty bare here
It’s not the permanent move yet – but the third load…and a nice stay in North Carolina while we arrange some furniture, make decisions, even ordered an actual new to us kitchen table.   We had a good chuckle with many a clerk here while we shopped as they apologized for it being so cold…LOL, really?  On our one day sprint ahead of the storm the temperature changed by a whopping 60+ degrees.  From minus 30 to 32 above.  For us, even that felt like a virtual heat wave.  And now, a mere 10 days later we’ve enjoyed many a day of 60 degrees.  And sun – hurrah for the sun! 
So far, so good.  We had this head high pile in the lower level storage area that is beginning to dwindle down as we move boxes into their proper rooms.  And thank the heavens for the help as on this end of the trip are one son and my delightful daughter-in-law who are helping to settle us in….and moving many a hefty item.   Between all of the kids helping they’ve made this physically and emotionally bearable – I’m a lucky mother.
What attracted us to this area was the climate, the close proximity to family, and the artistic community.  We are very close to Asheville.    The cons were obvious – we are also leaving two grown children and family in Michigan too.   But grown was the operative word – grown and busy.  We can pretty much travel at will back to MI for visits so there were many more pros than cons in this decision.

Starting to move things into place.  I won't unpack the majority of the boxes until everything to store it all in is set in place.  But it's nice to be making such progress and seeing this nice bright studio take shape.  I've even got a nice nook for photography and books.
Even Daisy and Trudy are benefitting from the warmth and getting exercise.  Since there is no fence here Daisy is getting hers via a harness and lead (Trudy is happy to come when called and stick close by).  This is something we’ve needed to do for a while and although it was a rocky start she is beginning to come around.   Rome wasn’t built in a day but she’s improving quickly to the idea of walking on a leash.  Hip hip hurrah, one step closer to surgery.  Another pro – our daughter back in Michigan lives 15 minutes away from MSU Veterinary College – which is where Daisy was evaluated for hip replacement so we will not have to change surgeons either when the time is right.  And finally and not the least of the issues we faced in Michigan, with the lack of snow and ice, a major hurdle to either Brian falling or me with these titanium knees the lessons can finally commence. 

Well, enough posting for now.  Back to unpacking things.  I can't wait to get back to work.  LOL - I locked the rolling tool cabinet and left the keys in Michigan.  DUH.  It certainly made it safely here but now I just look at it and long to pull a drawer open.