Saturday, May 3, 2008

It looks like Raindrops!

Things are just hopping on this end of the Internet. I have been teaching and trying to make beads. Here is a quick photo of some recent ones I’ve been working on. They are very much like the traditional dotted beads but I’ve made the dots a lot bigger and I’m calling then “Bubble Beads”. They look like they have frozen raindrops on them, and...they're being posted on Etsy tonight.

I think life has a way of creeping into whatever you're creating. Yesterday we lost all power for nine hours and then it rained and thundered and rained some more. It looks a lot like today will be more of the same. All of my beads are taking on a flowery colorful look like the tulips in the yard. And, I'm splashing everything with clear glass bubbles which make everything below them look like you're peering through a magnifying glass.

More tomorrow about the classes I’ve been teaching…

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