Monday, December 28, 2009

A Simply Wonderful Week

I certainly hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday! It would be good too if you're trying out a few of those steps in previous posts. I should really start keeping a countdown of things that were decluttered. I wish my lampworking desk had been among them, unfortunately it was not. The sorry part might be that I think I could declutter for about a year and never get it totally complete. Maybe the thirteenth step ought to be acceptance of certain personality traits that aren't hurting anyone. About the only thing I hoard are beading supplies....and I'm in great company on that one.

I received some pretty nifty presents this year. My DIL and son sandblasted a glass bulb they purchased at Michael's Arts and Crafts. It was beautiful and will be cherished forever. And, my daughter found something that will remind of her every day.

My feet are always must be poor circulation. I have had these awful cramps in my legs for years and finally - one very astute family doctor suggested I get a good pair of wool slippers from LL Bean. He noted that his nursing home patients leg cramps were reduced ten fold when he insisted they be given heavy slippers. Trust me, it works. Well, back to the story. My daughter, Kate, found these totally awesome microwavable footshaped pads that go inside your slippers. Whoo Hoo, they are incredible. Instant foot warmth.

And the eldest child?...he made a special trip North to bring me my granddaughter. We all went to see the movie - Avatar. I'm thinking flying dragons look like a whole lot of fun. And her precious smiles and hugs warmed my heart to the core.

Tomorrow, back to the torching and posting about some new beady goodies.

I hope your Holiday was like a warm slipper, a granddaughter's hug, and a reflection of love in a Christmas bulb.



Janel said...

Glad to hear you had a wonderful holiday! You and the hubby deserve it after this year :)

rosebud101 said...

Sharon, what a wonderful post! I'm glad Christmas was so good for you!

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Thanks Guys!