Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pantone's Fall Colors

I'm sure everyone's checking out these Fall Colors by Pantone. It's kind of fun to see what the "in" colors are going to be. I'm not sure I'm enamored of the bunch as a whole. They are all kind of washed out for the most part and something I might expect maybe as a Spring palette of colors. But, I guess there might be quite a bit of wiggle room here to go with something deeper or contrasting.

When Marcie Lamberson picked one of their beautiful colors as her favorite of the palette - It's a beautiful pinkish color called Honeysuckle - I thought the color they had on the palette it might look great against was Cedar. It's kind of a grayish green. You know - Red/Green opposite on the color wheel. You're just going up and down the tones and brightness scales but it all works so well that way.

Oh what the heck - I mean look at the palette - you've got Bamboo and then there is a purple to contrast. Uh, let's see - How about their blue called Quarry and then Emberglow (an Orange derivative). Oh what the heck we can do this, right? Yup - No Prob - Lemon - in - O

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angelinabeadalina said...

I have a pink lemonade honeysuckle vine that is exactly that color the main parts of its blooms... gorgeous! I like it with the green, too.