Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Work Wednesday

Ahhhh, a day without a mega post. Hip Hip Hurrah. I kind of figure you’re about read out. While I was working on my BSBP necklace and talismans I decided to try a few more of a different kind. Working in clay has been an inspiring change for me.

The talisman necklace makes a pleasant sound as it moves around while you walk. That thought stuck with me and I moved to making spirit beads. These beads, as of yet unfired, are full of ceramic balls that will “sound off” as needed. They make me smile and remind me to listen to my inner spirit.


rosebud101 said...


Stacey said...

Can't wait to see how you finish these - they are so darn cool!!

Sharon Driscoll said...

Thanks Stacy and Mallory. I'm thinking those Talismans can go in two different directions. I'd like to do one that is quite feminine and lighter in appearance an maybe do the other one with the hand, silks, and quite full in the necklace part. It's really hard to decide.

Alice said...

I love seeing the transition from the unfired clay to the finished piece.

Those hands are pretty cool!