Monday, August 5, 2013

Epic Failure

Oh for Pete's sake!  I just did some Fimo in the toaster oven to make the Hugs and Kisses stamps that I use on the back of my glass heart beads.  They worked perfectly so I guess I got cocky and thought I'd try some other bits and pieces.  I noticed that the temp recommendations were different on the Sculpty than the Fimo but I thought, Well, what the heck.  I'll go slow and find a temp that's in the middle - I mean it's only like ten degrees - right? 

Well, I don't know what the heck happened.  I ran the toaster for fifteen minutes - thinking it's run it a second time for the second fifteen.  Uh, colossal failure.   Look at what I found after the first run.  OMG - what happened? 

Any of you polymer people have any ideas?  It even bubbled.....whoa.


Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

I'm guessing temperature spikes and possibly no tenting? Without reading back in your blog for your normal procedure, I'm not sure if you use an independent oven thermometer to verify your temp. Toaster ovens are notorious for temperature spikes, and all ovens can vary from the stated dial temp by as much as 100º. Another issue is proper tenting or covering of your clay pieces. BTW everyone burns beads at one time or another, Sharon!

Sharon Driscoll said...

Thanks Monique - I actually did none of that. Doing the stamps - well, they're thick - like round cylinders I contain the polymer by using a rolled piece of poster board. I will get my oven thermometer out, I will add a piece of ceramic tile, and I will tent the next piece. I have handfuls of "fugly" glass beads to prove your point of everyone ruining beads once in awhile. It keeps me humble...onward to try again. Thanks!

Lela said...

UhOh. I'm a polymer newbie, but I'd have to agree with Monique. Seems like they just got way too hot. Maybe the toaster oven is malfunctioning?

I use my regular oven and haven't had any problems. (Crosses fingers)

I was thinking of a toaster oven if I continued to do this, but now you've made me wonder if I should just stick to the big one.