Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cab Sandwich

Working today on soldering.  I'd like to get this metal sandwich ready to rivet and bezel.  I took a quick snap of the soldering area because I wanted to show you something.  I've been asked questions before about some of the things I use so a picture is worth a thousand words sometimes.
It's barely noticeable at the moment but in the center of the back plate for the sandwich is my personal stamp from   It says ArtWerks.  After everything is all oxidized it will show up perfectly.
I put my flux into an applicator with a needle top so I don't waste it.  They're about eight dollars at Rio Grande Jewelry Supply and worth their weight in gold as dispensers.  Since I like putting the old boric acid/denatured alcohol on everything before I flux  keep that mixture in the pink plastic screw top from the personal products area in a Walmart. 

What I really wanted to show you are the tiny hard plastic screw jars (a dollar each from a Meijer's here in Michigan).  When I'm cutting up solder I put the extra pallions in a jar marked with the type.  I always cut more than I think I'll need - you never know when something will go astray and you need to pick solder a piece off your pad to use.  They just plan come in handy. 

Also, you can see the usual - copper tongs for pickle/ pickle pot/ and so on. 

Any questions?  You always know I'm delighted to answer.

And for today's cuteness - here is what is keeping me from posting as much as normal - they're always so cute when they're asleep!

Daisy Mae Belle and her older and wiser Auntie - Gertrude Jean (affectionately known as Trudy)

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