Tuesday, March 21, 2017

7 More Days Until I take that ride to VEGAS

This is me getting ready for the Gathering:

Yup, this is me - hands over my head wondering about the changes I'm about to make to the necklace below.  I knew it was the wrong chain for the bottom but then decided I'd be better off making a solid drop for it.  More consistent to the vision of the work.
Please excuse the dental floss - it's what we put under stones that don't have a hole in the back - otherwise you can't lift them back out.

Finally, a more finished piece! I like the solid drapes better than the chain.  In the end I am sandblasting a bead that will be capped and hang at the bottom.  It's actually a sweet little necklace.  I'm giving it to the ISGB for the conference.  Silent Auction.  I hope it raises some money for whatever their future plana are.  They're a great group.

These are other pieces I've been working on, not set yet!  I'm finding the reflectors simply delicious to work with.  They're antique and reflect the light in such a beautfiul way.   And, of course, I'm going to a glass conference so it's doubly cool that they are glass and a glass that I love since they are bike reflectors and the very same kind that my grandfather tightened onto my bike.

Okay, onward and upward.  Only 7 days until I hope aboard that airplane!

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