Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cold Connections

I am steadfast keeping my exploits in chronological order. Although, in betweeen classes, I am making beads and jewelry. I will get to posting them soon. Apparently, my previous post about the great classes at Brighton Beads brought Jiro Masuda a tad bit of teasing. Luckily he is a good sport and took it well from his colleagues. I suspect a small tingling of jealousy on their part (hee,hee, hee) as he is a mechanically minded problem solver. For me that is wonderful.

I'm a girl who grew up around auto and aero industry types. My father was forever showing me his micrometers and calipers and since one Uncle was "tool and die" and the other worked for the aerospace industry (eventually in California) you can just imagine the conversations. Even the neighbors were involved because it was a "factory rat/ air force brat" neighborhood. If they weren't designing cars they were flying jets. Ah, I'm getting nostalgic. Anyway, set your fantasy meter on a post war fifties neighborhood, every house with kids, every family involved with manufacturing of some sort. Mothers in dresses trying to work out the freedom, bra burning, generational thing.

It was a blast growing up in that era. I feel like a pioneer. No more half court baseketball for girls! I'd burn my bra but gheeez at this age I find I need that thing. Whoa, TMI!

Back to these classes that Nancy Garber has a Brighton Beads taught by JJ. This last one was good too. Sometimes a torch just will not do and you need to be prepared to connect something to work via a cold connection. This wasn't your normal just wack a rivet in it class you get. Like I said "mechanical"! You get the why, the how, and the clean results. And, everyone knows, you don't always get that.

Check out the photos...there is even one of me. I kept wearing the sample for a necklace and finally JJ added a bail.

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