Saturday, July 5, 2008

Miniature Landcape

This landscape bead is one of several types beads I've been working on perfecting. They're time consuming to make but I enjoy the challenge. This particular one took a little over an hour after I started to work the bead in the flame. And, that was following the creation of multicolor stringers. For example, the tree trunk and a silvered stringer for the wonderful rock look in forground.

In the base bead I use a technique I learned from Loren Stump where you blend the shades of a color as you are working the bead in the flame. When we were doing it with Loren we were working on complicated Murrini faces but I find it transfers well to horizons and the setting sun. It sounds easier than it is but then it wouldn't be much of a challenge if it were easy. Loren is an excellent instructor and the lessons he teaches cover a wide range of techniques.

Speaking of Loren, someone (maybe it was Kim Fields) gave me a quote attributed to him. I think it's pretty great and I hope I've got it right

"With glass you can't expect perfection, the most you can hope for is satifaction."
Loren Stump

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