Saturday, November 1, 2008

Viking Knit Endings

Every now and then someone contacts me concerning how I end my Viking Knit pieces. I try to remember to send them this photo but sometimes I forget. So for anyone wondering how to do that I'm posting it here.

I have done it several different ways. One way is that I make my own end caps out of silver tubing that fits. I measure the end of the knit with a set of calipers (we all know how I love those) and then order tubing with an inside diameter that will fit the bracelet. I then cut off lengths for the ends/ solder them to plate and hand finish them.

Sometimes you just have to do things the hard way!

More often than not though I order end caps. The caps shown in the photo are from Heather Ferman. She has these in many different types of metal and they are a fantastic fit for the ends of the knit.

You take and run a wire through some of the loops and secure it tightly. It doesn't have to be perfect or really pretty (you're going to cover it). I generally use 22 gauge half hard wire for this. Once it's secured I pull the cap over it and make my ending loop. To this I add jump rings and a clasp and it's all done. Happy Knitting.


rosebud101 said...

Thanks, Sharon! You always have some great ideas to share! Thanks!

susanlambert said...

wishing Ferman had some of these caps for sale! She hasn't had them for a while because I've tried to get them for a month. I sure don't want to make them the 'other' way! too much work for this lazy ass. Maybe you need to cast some!!!!!!!!!!!!!

angelinabeadalina said...

I love that pic for illustrating your point-- got all three steps in there. Since I'm not a jewelry putter-togetherer, pics like that really help me "see" how things are done. Besides, I just love the look of the silver in that closeup, too :)

Janice Johnson said...

I am not sure how to secure the end loop after I bend the wire. Is it pushed back into the end of the cap? I have made two viking chains and want them securely finished.