Saturday, November 29, 2008

Talented Friends

Hey, how do you like the Ravens? I think they look wonderful on these earrings made by one of my customers. She certainly does a bead justice!

I am so honored to have some of the best customers in the world. Let me introduce you to one of them…Glamorosi. I have asked her in the past to send me links and photos of things she has created with my beads and she honored me once with a link. I did write something for the blog and then lost it when I was posting. A computer misfortune – remember me? – techno geek? This time I’ve managed to keep it all straight so I could show you her great blog and Etsy site.

She’s fun, she’s talented, and I think you’ll enjoy the links. Glam up!


rosebud101 said...

Love those earrings, Sharon. You are so right. She is very talented.

Deb said...

Those are fabulous Sharon. I've just been peeking at her blog & Etsy store. Now I've managed to add another to my favorites - you enabler you ;o)

angelinabeadalina said...

Add me to the list of peeps admiring Glamorosi's jewelry :)

Glamorosi said...

OMGosh, Sharon, thank you so much for featuring me on your blog - I am extremely flattered!

I'm also blushing from the generous compliments from your readers.

Thank you all! :-D