Monday, December 1, 2008

Santa is Coming!

I've been showing everyone what my customers are doing with the fun beads I make and today's entry is no exception. In fact, it's more like exceptional, but then I think all of my designers are! I love what Jodi did with the Santa Hat. How absolutely wonderful is this necklace? Not just because she used my hat but because it's such a cleaver use for it. I'd of never thought of that.

All of this artistic prowress is from Jodi Masington. She is Loopie Beads from Houston, Texas. She was hit by that recent hurricane in Texas and I just can't imagine how hard that must be to go through. I guess I shouldn't complain about the snow and slush here in Michigan. We are definitely living in Winter Wonderland. Ho Ho Ho!

By the way...have you been naughty or nice?????


rosebud101 said...

Sharon, I love what she did with your bead. It's so creative!

Sharon Driscoll said...

Awwww, look at Spike in his Reindeer ears! What a ham bone...yup, there is no doubt that he is Miss Nellie's long lost love.

angelinabeadalina said...

I believe! Love the Santa hat bead paired with that "I believe" disc!

P.S. Um, nice. Always nice :)**insert big flashing signs to draw Santa's attention**

susanlambert said...

soooooo awesome!
naughty or nice? how about a combination of both?

Deb said...

Sharon - the hat looks fabulous used that way with the disk, how inspired!

Ummm - to some of the species on this earth (i.e males) being naughty is being nice.

I asked my Santa for a Dodge Nitro (you know, start big & work down to what you really want) - guess I'll find out shortly which I am ;o)

Louise said...

That's a wonderful piece, it really brings the magic of Christmas to life!