Saturday, March 28, 2009

Welcome Sharon Berkan-Dent

Hi Ho Everyone! You all know I do metal casting and I adore doing it. Finally, my mentor, instructor, Svengali, teacher, and mostly my friend has opened up her own Etsy shop. Actually she is destined for BIG BIG things in Galleries but luckily for all of us she now has a shop that's accessible to the rest of us. Take a look at that necklace that's featured in the shop banner. It is absolutely so gorgeous in person. It is white, yellow, and rose gold and it feels so decadent on. When I wore it I felt like I needed to be in a flowing black full length chiffon on the red carpet somewhere. It drapes around your neck perfectly so you don't feel that tugging you get sometimes when a necklace of beads is weighted toward the front without a fob at the back. You are going to want to see what she can do with gold. Her "traditional" web site is Mystic Swan Art Jewelry.

And, I own that's a wonderful piece and makes you feel like you could whip the world and still lovingly guard an egg or two. Your chain or leather necklace fits between those wings and she lays perfectly on your neck. Coolest piece I've ever seen.

You are going to enjoy checking her out and don't forget to heart her shop and pass the good word around about her jewelry.


Janel said...

Sharon is such a wonderful artist. I am the proud owner of one of her lily pad bracelets.

Last summer my daughter was with me at an art show and Sharon took the time to explain how she makes the jewelry to her. It's a fascinating process that produces magical results, in her case.

Sharon Driscoll said...

I couldn't agree more Janel! A Lily Pad bracelet...those are so nice. Every year Sharon takes the fifth graders through the process at the Art Center. She loves it. And judging from the fingerprints on the Optivisors after their visit so do the kids.

rosebud101 said...

Wow! Those are amazing pieces!