Saturday, April 4, 2009

Walking on the Wet and Wild Side

They can have my cup when they pry it out of my cold slimy hands

I have a friend who says boldly, "No fat, no flavor!" I get that bacon, Mickey D's, and a plethora of other foods might not be good for you. With food additives and pharmacy additions to the food chain it's enough to make even me think herbal and organic.

Despite a constant medical barrage of advice I've been drinking Dunkin' Donuts coffee like a fiend. Lately, even the addicted kids I work with are telling me I need a ten step rather than a larger cup. I'm guessing they don't like it when I'm as hyper as they are OR when I am having withdrawal symptoms. But, when a medical segment on a news show said tea might contribute to cancer ! Well...they've just gone to far.

Aren't we doing our part? Reduce, reuse, recycle. I take it seriously that I am reducing your intake of caffeine. I'll reuse it - if it's cold I'll microwave it. Recycle - absolutely. Too cold and I'll turn it into iced coffee. When I'm tired of coffee I have tea. I enjoy the herbal stuff but adore a good Lipton so I do the same three R's with it too. Now apparently, according to these "experts" you aren't supposed to drink this stuff scalding hot. It hurts your throat. It must have been a medical scientist who deduced that drinking boiling hot tea would scald your throat and thereby leave it open to possible infection - up to and including a higher risk for cancer. Well, strike me down - I'm dumbfounded....AGAIN.

The last time I checked I was pretty sure I'm not a rocket scientist (or an MD) but I know better than to bathe in hot water so why would I pour it down my throat? I have got to quit watching the news. The pressure of constantly worrying about what to eat could cause a stroke. Let's fight back! Eat whatever the heck you want. Use the wise way - moderation (and without it piping hot).

Maybe I need the holds only one cup of coffee mug - mine holds three. Susan, she gave me one that can take a pot of coffee on the go. I haven't used it - YET! It seems though with all the liquids and caffeine I'm hopping past everything but gas stations. The tank on the car is a little larger than mine but less expensive per gallon.

See you all in line at the next bathroom...........have a Sunday morning cuppa Joe with your paper and enjoy your day! Wet kisses and humor from Michigan.


Janel said...

Love the froggy guy! I bought myself an espresso maker a few weeks ago. After many practice cups (no I didn't waste the sub-par efforts) I finally figured out how to make the perfect cup.

angelinabeadalina said...

That froggie has such a cute face! Love how you did those eyes to look like googly eyes, so cute!

P.S.Heehee, Sharon, I haven't been lucky enough to meet you in real life, but I imagine you with a naturally hippity-hoppity-happy-go-lucky must be a blast after your "one" cup of coffee! Bet those kids are just envious of your spark, LOL!

rosebud101 said...

Oh dear! Do you get cranky if you don't have your coffee? We could be two of a kind at the B & B Show. I need my diet Coke, and you need your coffee. Yikes. We could take the place down without those. rofl BTW, I love the froggie!

Sharon Driscoll said...

Oh Yeah - Sharon without caffeine is not a pretty site! Mallory - I don't think they carry coke products in that hotel so you'll have to bring a stock with you. Maybe I'll pack a coffee pot too now that I'm thinking about it. Janel, you bad girl - espresso. I'll be over.......: - ). Angela, how about coming to the Gathering? You too Mallory!!!!

susanlambert said...

an americano with two shots of expresso please. ;-)