Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Museum Fun

Students in the week long course at the Corning Studio's Hot Shop

The Empty Studio Hot Shop with cold furnaces

Reflections in the beakers

Typical casserole dishes shown heated to different temperatures. The ones at the top are annealed to the temperature which makes them usable in our ovens - they start out relatively clear and finish tempered very strongly to a nice opaque white. Their example was such an artistically arranged towering sculpture.

The Corning Museum has so many different facets - the museum with glass education and gallery, the school, and the library. I decided you might enjoy seeing some of each so the photos above are representative of what we saw educationally and at the school studios. The hot shop wasn't the only studio they were teaching in. There were torching lessons going on, cameo engraving on glass, making wet forms to kiln dry for slumping, and many children's classes besides - including furnace work. It would be a fantastic place to take a class - a total glass environment.


Janel said...

That casserole display is fascinating. I had no idea they changed color during the annealing process.

We WILL be visiting this museum if we are ever in the area again. :)

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

You guys would just love it. Lot's for the kids to do and learn and yet plenty for the adults.