Saturday, October 30, 2010

Art Fairs

I used to do a lot of art fairs and shows. I haven't done many recently - long story. What I forgot about is how hard sometimes the information is to find for someone who is new to doing them.

I received notice yesterday that it is time to jury for the Michigan Guild of Artists and Artisans. DH and I have belonged to the organization for about 20 years. We originally juried in as a team - designing and creating some very unique wooden toys. It's been a long and fruitful journey for us as a design team but we have put our business to rest about two years ago. It's a shame and it is greatly missed - by our clients and us. But, we still belong to the Guild and although we have previously juried as a team I also joined as a separate entity quite a long time ago. Well, I have a very low "wait number" - new members are assigned a number while they wait for inclusion in the Ann Art Art Fair. I've received notice to jury and a list of the fairs.

Hmmmmm, I need to get a body of work together and get it photographed by January 12, 2011. I know what I need - but can I make it happen in time. So NOT sure about that. I'd need a booth shot and everything and I do not have items to fill booth. I know the ropes and traversed them for lots of years. Can I create the cohesive body of work? Oh hell yes. ACK! - too many decisions...

For the newbies trying to figure all of this out - gosh it was hard at times - I've found another one of those "treasures" to add to the blog list for you.

There is good information there - for newbies who want to do art fairs and old hands who might want to get back to it!


angelinabeadalina said...

Oh, cool! You can do it in time, I know you can! Especially since you already know the ropes, switching to a new set of items/work won't be as intimidating as if you were brand new to it all. Sounds like a lot of work, for sure, but doable!

Pretty Things said...

It IS really hard to know what to do when you're knew! I learned by trial and error and dumb luck and sure wish I'd had help! I know you'll do GREAT!

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Thanks for the support ladies. Ang, it is sooo good to have you back! Lori, I have so been there as a newbie myself...isn't it hard sometimes? My worst, at an Art Fair with no bathroom in site - and no one for relief. Yikes.