Wednesday, October 20, 2010

They came! I am so excited. I rifled through the box and browsed them all quickly and picked out my first choice to savor…500 Enameled Objects. As you can see from the pile of spoils I already have some pages marked with tabs. I have several favorites but adore Michele Raney’s “Raven”. As you can see that box is still in plain site in the middle of my front room. I know I should move it – but every time I peek over from the couch when I’m perusing my new book I just get this grin from ear to ear and want to do a happy dance! Thanks Sterling Publishing and Lark Books. I’m pretty sure you’ve made my week – uh, maybe even my month.


rosebud101 said...


Deb said...

Sharon - how bloody awesome!!! lol!

I have serious book envy - I know, I know envy is such a waste of energy. But books, ahhh books....what would life be without them!!

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

My head would shrink and fall out of my ear if I couldn't read.