Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's February!

Holy Snow Storm Batman! I was going to put a photo here of some guys digging a car out and the snow was over their heads - but, it's not my car/ or my fellah. LOL

What I'm putting here is a Nasa photo of where I live from space with the storms swirling overhead. I live in the Mitten - appropriate isn't it? Luckily, we didn't get the blast that others got. We added a lot of inches (I'm in the center of that mitten) but compared to the Detroit area/lower right of that mitten and Chicago way to the lower part of that long lake on the left of Michigan we were spared. I can't yet get out of my driveway - the snow plows blocked the end.

Good reason to curl up, stay warm, list beads, and make quilts.

If you'd like to look at a Nasa photo of your area just click here.

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