Monday, January 31, 2011

Photoshop Elements Nine

I lent my old Photoshop to my daughter-in-law who was editing some photos for our album. Then, my computer crashed. DIL left with the Old PS to North Carolina just before my baby (aka the Laptop) went to a friend for hard drive wipe. The old PS was Elements 3 and old enough I couldn't remember when I bought it. So, I thought – Oh what the hell, I’ll spring for a newer version and get Elements 9.

For a good two weeks I wondered what I’d gotten myself in to. I’d look for familiar clues and although many were similar there were plenty that had long since been changed to new words or eliminated in later versions. Oh just shoot me now, my mind rambled in-between frustration (I’ll have to get the old version back and restore it) to despair (I’m about two notches above the local village idiot), and all the way to guttural anger (I’m an artist not a computer whiz – why can’t I just MAKE THINGS!).

Hallelujah, it passed!

I called to sign up for a Photoshop 101 class – damn if it wasn’t full with students. That’s when the guttural rage hit me since DH and I were the ones who suggested the class be offered to the adults at the local center and talked to the teacher (who was teaching children) and the Department Head who schedules those things. And there I was – I couldn't even get in the class. Not even if I brought my own computer, my own program, paid the same price, and only used electricity. I asked – teacher was totally willing – we know her and she knows I’m the silent type. Head down, work hard, and full speed ahead when I want to learn something. It was the Department Head who said “No, please sign up for the ‘wait-list’! Hell, the last time he needed people interested in a class he was delighted to let me sign up as as overload – LOL, I have my tool box and don’t exactly need all of their equipment to fabricate metal either.

Okay, I don’t like being told “No”. But then, I’m pretty sure no one else does either. I absolutely detest computer issues. Computer issues make me insane. And although I tend toward procrastination and firmly do not want to be the one to pick out the restaurant in a group I am anything but wishy washy and don’t like when people in power (usually the ones above me!) are that way. Do not tell me yes once and then get feeble minded and tell me no the next time. It just burns my buns. It also fires up my juices…..and in ten minutes I had the first photo edited.

That’s all I needed – a good challenge – a temporary call to arms. I’ll still go and buy a Photoshop for dummies book – I still don’t “get” a great number of the new bells and whistles but we’re moving in the right direction.


rosebud101 said...

I have the version, too. Jenny was going to teach me how to use it, but, alas, we didn't have the time. I'm stuck. I can't import anything.

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Oh Yeah, I empathize with you Mallory. I'm not "importing" anything. I'm editing, cropping, & saving the original.

Then I have to open a blank document to the correct Etsy size- go to "file" open a new document (size it to the correct dimensions) and "place" (the new import) the photo into the new 1000X1000 pixel box.

It's a royal PITA and there has GOT to be an easier way - there was with the old one. If this doesn't help contact me and I'll try to and help walk you through what I know - It ain't much but it's just above zip.

We'll have to compare "how-to's" at B&B.