Saturday, June 25, 2011

Handmadeology Top 10 Etsy Team Challenge

This is an awesome opportunity to not only get our individual work and Fire Divas Etsy team noticed by thousands of new viewers, but if we all pitch in like I know we can, we might even win the prize of $450 worth of free online advertising!! WHOOHOO!!

The Fire Divas Etsy Team is participating in a Challenge by Handmadeology. This is all about social networking and team work - getting the word out to our fans, to glass bead lovers everywhere, to artists, jewelry designers and so on.

If you Tweet, Etsy, Facebook, Blog, and so on - please give the Fire Divas Etsy Team a shout out. It wouldn't hurt either if you went to this link and voted for our beautiful goods either....: - ).

You can vote as often as you like over the next 2 weeks—and remember, this is a team competition and not an individual one—so please try and vote for all the listings in our section to help give us the highest voting scores. *Ü* And the more you vote and help spread the word through social media sites, the more chances you'll get to win some super prizes from the Fire Divas! (We'll be posting photos of the prizes later on our Fan Page throughout the competition.)

Thanks a gazillion!

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