Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's not a bead - YET!

Meet part of what has been keeping me busy. First the mother feral cat had four kittens in my garage which she moved around the neighborhood on a regular basis driving me wild. The kits are visiting regularily and I'm a sucker - - - - no doubt about it. Hense the food. So, what happens next in the midst of getting painters painting the house and all of the mulitude of wedding details I'm tackling - We get a surprise visit from a mother raccoon and two sibs. Good grief. I find out the one neighbor is hand feeding them out his door. So NOT a good idea. Uh, although me being a sap for those kittens probably isn't either. I'm going to call the local rescue group and get some live traps. Kittens or Raccoons - I'm going to catch something. The local vet takes the kittens and finds homes. The raccoons will be loving raised and released into the woods - and about 70% of this county is state property so they will be safe. Maybe tomorrow I can get a bead done. (Smile - wink - grin!!!).

This photo was taken in our garage - yum, cat food! Yesterday they were begging the painters for handouts and even had one of the guys treed on a ladder. Never a dull moment around here.

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Maybeads said...

Omg - the raccoons are SO cute! We had feral cats have kittens under a neighbor's porch, and my other neighbor and I would feed them by her door (the one who had the kittens under her porch didn't seem very interested in them). We'd see the mother cat nursing them in the grass. They were so so cute.