Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dot Mania

The pile has grown dramatically. I've even sandblasted a few of them for another design feature and a little more tactile feel. Actually, I do not think I am done exploring this series yet and am wondering how to combine this patterning with some silver casting. Maybe I could combine a cab into a Moroccan inspired piece. Uh, how am I going to do that? Set from the back? Bezel from the front? Prongs? ACK - - - maybe this one won't happen for a while.

I haven't counted them but there are over twenty beads in this color series, at this point. The longest one that is sitting on top is about to get a few sandblasted lines and maybe some drop shapes in the open sky blue areas.

When is this wedding? Uh oh! I have only a month to finish all of the house overhaul and unless I want to do a drop and dump (put it in boxes and throw it in the basement to sort later) I better get focused because there is not much worse than cleaning out boxes of "stuff".

Missing the Gathering SO much and wishing I was there with everyone.


rosebud101 said...

Sharon, those are amazing beads! I love them!!!! Wow! Have fun with the wedding! I am wishing we were at the Gathering, too! Oh, well, maybe next year!

Patty said...

I'm missing the Gathering too, but keeping my sights on next year, in Seattle. Gonna be awesome. Your beads are truly amazing, and I'm glad you included some of a color I love to work with - ochre. Would love to see what your sandblasted ones look like.

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Hi Patty - I'm working on a sandblasted series at the same time so after the next couple are done I'll post them. I think there is one in that pile that is showing in this series. I blasted out a triangle where there was a space - in the sky/black area. The new series is mostly controlled organics with sandblasted areas.

Rembrandt Charms said...

The inspirations of nature are always very beautiful...I love the funky dots in various colors and sizes.the beads can help create great designs/