Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Poop poop-de-doop

This is me...really, NOT! Well, maybe it resembles me a little. In spirit anyway. Right now I have entirely too many things on my plate and when I do that everything starts to suffer since not enough of them are being accomplished. Or at least accomplished to someone else's expectations.

Sounds like a whine, right? Maybe in a small way it is and in another way it isn't. Since I decided to take on a "few" more things some others suffered. One of them that suffered when I adjusted the design of my blog a long time ago was that all of my "Favorite Blogs" were deleted. I tried to remember everyone and couldn't. Since then, one of my favorites has commented on my posts and today I looked through my favs to do a fast click over to her blog and went - WTF - where is it. I am pissed. Not with anyone but myself. It's like the old adage, "make new friends, but keep the old - - - La, la, fa la, and gold." LOL, that is going to go through your head all day now.

To try and correct this gross error in action and very possibly judgement I am adding AGAIN one of the best blog writers I know. Angela Garren - and I've probably misspelled her name and need to be beaten about that too - you all know her. Yes, you do. Angelina Beadalina is her name and bead making, mothering, writing, and all around making me think and laugh out loud is her game. Sorry Ang...and I know there are others too.

If I've dropped you from my favorites list please let me know. I'm an idiot, and a slow one the uptake one too. I've several things to rectify. And, a wedding in a month. YIKES. Some "commitments" are going to have to be pared down or eliminated as I simplify my life again.

And one of the enjoyments I've been missing is blogging more for myself and you guys, making and posting more beads to my Etsy - gheeze, just lots of things. Time to WAKE UP Sharon.


Barbara Lewis said...

Sharon, I'm so glad I visited you today because I feel very much the same way. I, too, have been busy and am spending some much needed time visiting my online friends. I've missed them ... and it's weird ... but it almost seems like a betrayal when you don't visit. But I'm getting a little more balance in my life ... not a lot ... but a little. Of course, I am up at 5 a.m. this morning visiting blogs, so I don't know if I can quite brag about balance yet ... but it's coming!

angelinabeadalina said...

Pshaw <--- I've wanted to write that word ever since I read Little House on the Prairie books decades ago.

Of course, I've never said that word aloud, just so everyone knows I don't go around wearing calico bonnets and speaking like Pa Ingalls ;)

I'm willing to bet you didn't know to miss my blog because it's neglected for such long stretches of time! We're talking weeks and months. I love my teacher aid job for a number of reasons (always loved school, kids are fun, and my schedule is the same as my kids' schedule), but it sure is hard to make myself concentrate enough to write anything during the school year. My brain may be imaginative, but that part of it requires blocks of thinking time to operate. I suck at switching from the mom gear to the artist/writer gear at a second's notice... and my children are obviously equipped with that classic childhood gene that makes them quiet and content until the phone rings or mom goes to the bathroom or mom starts writing, lol.
See what Barbara said about missing online friends? I agree, and I know that I feel better when I get to visit blogs and write in my own. It's something about the connections that helps keep the little white jacket's strings loose enough to wiggle :)

Sharon Driscoll said...

You two just made my day! I could not have said better than the two of you. Call me crazy (and some do) but this on-line neighborhood crosses state-lines, and continents bringing us all into this little circle together. Work, family, friends - it's such a balancing act to pull off mixed with the need to be creative. So glad you're back Ang. And Barb - don't you feel like one of the Flying Wallenda's once in awhile?

Well, tip one for the balancing act my friends...we'll all help one another make the white jackets a little looser when they get too tight.