Sunday, November 18, 2012

No torch time - ACK! - but I'm not sittin' around

There hasn't been any torch time lately so I've been busy getting some ceramics glazed.  Well, that and making some bread and some pies for Thanksgiving.  Part of what I did on my little hiatis was to take two quicky classes - I call those brain recovery/ destressing activities.  Anything that's creative but not in the 'norm" will do.

In this case I've always made a lousy pie crust and I can tell you that for many years my friend Susan has worked with me on bread to absolutely no avail....and she has worked hard on it.  She's sent me countless pdf's - xeroxed instructions (she knows I'm a total visual learner - thank goodness for you smart teacher friends).  She's coached, called, and sent photos.  Finally I gave up and took a class. 

Whoo Hoo - I got bread.  It was a class derived from 5 minute Artisan Breads - great class and book.  The other class helped tremendously with the pie crust.  I made a great crust last night but a lousy filling.  Who can ruin a pie - ME!  Today I corrected that (can we say do over) and froze them uncooked.  They'll come out of the oven all perfect for Thanksgiving.  And boy do I have plenty to be thankful for - this year - and every year.

I also unloaded some ceramics from the kiln and here are two recent additions to Etsy.  There are more yet to photgraph and list.

And... I want to whisper something in your ear while I'm here talking.  I'm having a sale on Etsy that is starting on Thanksgiving.  It's a way to say thanks for the all of the support.  BUT, I wanted to let all of my blog readers know first so if there is something you'd like at 20% off - convo me and I'll hold that listing for you at the sale price.  This gives you a little jump so you can concentrate on all of the holiday doings too.

Hugs -  Sharon


Barbara Lewis said...

I am so ready to start working in clay again! This won't stall me on enamel, but I want to get my hands into clay! I'm even going to drag out my potters wheel! Your beads are charming!

Sharon Driscoll said...

Thanks Barb - Be glad to help you out wherever I can...I love the clay.

Lela said...

I'm right were Barbara is...I have so much I want to work on, but I'd love to get some clay. I haven't played in it since I was teaching art. The beads look so great!

Sharon Driscoll said...

Lela - It's really hard to stick to one medium. I think if you're artistic, and we all are - you kind of tend to bounce around a bit. Funny though when it's all said and done that the total sum of your work kind of "looks" like you. I've always found that aspect kind of weird but so true.