Monday, December 17, 2012

Book Love

Photo from Lark Book Giveaway post
Lark Books is having another one of those great big huge book giveaways they're from their 500 Series.  I own most of the titles on their giveaway list.   I love them - I go to them often for inspiration and am blown away with the eye candy they contain.  You can sign up for their giveaway.  Just click HERE and it will take you to their page.  If you don't belong to the Lark blog for jewelry sign up while you're there and you'll get their notifications of giveaways, free patterns, and all kinds of great craft info.  No, I don't work for Lark - never written a book for the publisher (although it would be fun).  I've just been lucky enough to win one of these wonderful giveways before and know you'd enjoy that opportunity too.

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Lela said...

Thanks for the heads-up. I'm all signed up, so don't bother entering. Hehe. ;)