Saturday, December 8, 2012

It's Beginning to Feel like the Holiday

Macy’s ain’t got nuthin’ on me!  Can you see me doing a “Who’s your Mama now dance?” Take a look at this tree – whoot whoot.  There are over 400 hundred bulbs on this baby.  I used to decorate like this a lot for the holiday but haven’t done it in years.  This year with all of the kids being able to be here at the same time I thought what the heck – and I out did myself with something festive and new.  I even managed to do some outdoors decorating.  It’s not much but it looks inviting. 

This is the usual tree that I do the Nightmare before Christmas tree decorations on.  It’s a black tree but lends itself pretty well to any kind of decorating.  I’m so pepped about things looking peaceful and having a few new things around I think I’ll do this again next year….but with a twist.  I’m pulling out all of the old decorations – every single one of the kids have ever made me and I have quite a few.  I have a few tucked in here and there on the tree now.   But next year I think I’ll find some central kind of kid theme (hhhhhmmmmm – my wheels are turning - maybe lollipop looking treats covered in different kinds of cellophane?), my favorite Angel, and all the ornaments.  I think I’ve a theme – don’t you?
I did add one very traditional touch on this year’s tree.  See the photo of the bell?  My mother made that. She made bells for all of us in this family and for friends.  I will try and find the pattern if you’re interested.  You’d of had to of known her – she kept a list of every bell she ever made.  There were a lot of bells.  Her hands were arthritic but she kept at it.  Her thought was this, I may be gone someday but every Christmas when my friends and family put their trees up and unpack their ornaments they’ll think of me.  She’s right but I miss her more often than that.
If you’re not in the spirit yet – pinch yourself!  The more you do the better it gets.  I’m keeping dollars in my pocket for the Salvation Army Bell Ringers.  I even turned on the music station on the cable.  How many old Christmas tunes do you know?  Turn on the station and you are going to astound yourself. 


Lela said...

My dear Mom made those very same bells and I get to see them each Christmas. I'm lucky that I still have her, but she can no longer see well enough to do things like this.

The tree topper is outstanding! :)

Sharon Driscoll said...

Lela - How wonderful to hear that! I'm sure there are lots of Mom's out there who did that and other things, aren't we the lucky ones to have those bells :-).

Susan Lambert said...

I hung my bells on our tree. That your Mom made. And thought of you and how sweet she was to make them for me.