Sunday, January 12, 2014


I love hoop earrings and with my short hair they are probably about some of the best things going so I don't look like a guy when I'm all bundled up for winter.  LOL

Hopefully these and a few other pieces might be listed soon. 

These were made with a nice thick sterling wire - soldered and flattened.  Add holes for balled wires and a great handmade earring wire and you are in business.  The hoops themselves are just over an inch in diameter and the total length is 1 3/4".  Not huge but prominent enough with that heavy chased wire to make a statement.

Then there is the photography.  Nothing looks as good as paper towel under something you just oxidized - Hahahahaha.   I'm a serious jeweler and professional in my technique but quirky on the inside and it escapes - a lot. 


Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

*TeeHee* the best reason for wearing hoops I've yet heard, Sharon.

I love these heavy loops and the balled wire accents are very cool.

Lela said...

These are cool. And the paper towel really sets them off! hehe

Sharon Driscoll said...

Yeah, I've got to do something with the current photography techniques but I'm glad you guys like the earrings. I'm working on some mixed metal ones - I love "variations on a theme".