Saturday, January 4, 2014

On The Bench Today

I tested the Blue Lace Agate in the setting today and worked the edges down to where I wanted them.  Now it needs a good polish, clean up, and to have that stone set.  Do you like the dental floss?  It's how you test the stone and then you can pull it back out to do some extra cleaning before it's put in permanently and the bezel folded down on it.  I guess I could have used something besides my good mint floss, huh?

I also decided on a few other stones and made the bezels to go around them.  Two agate types and a quartz with the flicker of gold inclusions.   The bezel on the far left will use on of the cast sticks from the casting pile above it.  They look awful until they're cleaned but they'll look great soon. Right now the bezels look a little battered up too and things are really dirty from the soldering and all.  
Have a great Sunday and stay warm!


PA said...

Sharon, your work is beautiful & I loved the creative way you used the bits from the piece you had difficulty with to create something new. I'm curious though about what you use for bezel wire. In the photos, it looks thicker (heavier gauge) than what I usually use (26 or 28 gauge fine silver). Do you cut your own? If so, what material & gauge?

Sharon Driscoll said...

Yes you're correct. The bezel is 24 gauge sterling silver. I often cut my own but this one happens to be from Rio. It's a rectangle wire (#100291). I usually only use that thickness on rings but I like the look of a thick bezel. It also gives you plenty of leeway for polishing and cleanup but often you need to tap it down with a polished punch as rocking it down with a bezel pusher just won't do. I have used a lot of 26/28 gauge fine silver though and it's so nice to work worth for pendants.

Lela said...

Well, they look great...but I can't imagine trying to push them over. I have enough trouble with fine silver. ;)

PA said...

Thanks for the info Sharon. I might give it a try one of these days. I agree with Lela tho' about the potential for difficulty pushing it over!