Friday, March 21, 2014

Late Mail Call and GREAT news...

We had a short interruption in our regularly scheduled program to bring you Abel Joseph (aka - AJ) - born to my daughter and son-in-law on March 16th....two weeks early.  He's happy and healthy.  I can't think of a better reason for my bead soup to be held up for a few days - LOL.

Proud new Mom and Son - Day 1

 Just before this all came about I was planning to show you two wonderful things that arrived in the mail.  First, I had entered the giveaway by Earthshine Beads for one of her adorable chicken necklaces.  What was I saying about you can't win if you don't play?  Well, I won one of them.  And talk about a sweet person - she shipped it all the way from England.  The chickens have a special meaning to me.  My second oldest son and DIL have a 22 acre farm in North Carolina.  They've three horses and chickens - cats and a dog.  The chickens live in something we have dubbed "The Chicken Palace".  We should all have nice 'coops' like they do.  I love my new gift and I will wear it with pride.

The other mail call item was a heart I purchased from Mallory thru For the Love of Beads (Mallory's Blog).  Mallory was raising money to help pay for her daughters medical expenses.  She has a beautiful daughter called Jenny.  Jenny is being monitored for her multiple myelomia.  This is no fun and very expensive.  Recently it is what Tom Brokow, the newscaster, has been diagnosed with.  Hopefully that will help to get the word out in a bigger way and garner greater funding for research.  Look at the cool heart I bought.  Mallory is becoming quite the polymer clay goddess.  Thanks Mallory - I love this one!

More about my Bead Soup tomorrow as I reveal the contents of that box Shannon sent.



rosebud101 said...

Glad you like it, Sharon, and congratulations!!!!!!!!!

Lela said...

Awwww. Baby! Congrats. :)