Sunday, March 9, 2014

Long Time No Post...

I'm trying to get in touch with my BSBP but haven't got a response yet - I'm sure I will.  Now what to make and package up...whew, I'd like to do something special.   Shannon - get in touch with me, okay.

As for where I've been.  My darling daughter is pregnant and we've done the baby shower now and I've been busy in classes and taking care of the new puppy.  We've hit a rough patch with her and I'll explain it all at a later date. 

As for art - well, poop - the faerie project was, as far as I was concerned, an epic fail.  The casting process left a lot to be desired on it and she lost both legs in the process.  It shouldn't have happened - but it did.  Oh Well.  Live, learn, and move on.  I could have recast pieces for it and added them but since it was a piece for myself I wanted it perfect without having to play "doctor" so I decided it was better off to let it go.

I've cleaned up my bench and returned old silver (and epic fails) to Rio and have removed some earrings I cast from the sprues.  Pretty soon those will be cleaned up and it won't be long for new pieces and back to lampwork for a stint.  My shop is nearly empty and I need to fill it up.  Whew.

Hang with me - BSBP is coming up and new posts are on their way. 

Hugs to Everyone.....Sharon

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