Monday, January 26, 2015

You're Giving Orange a Bad Name John

Oh my goodness this has nothing to do with art.  Why is John Boehner so orange looking all the time?  Well, maybe if you love the color Orange you notice things like that and it’s hands down my favorite.  But on a Republican from Ohio!   I mean no disrespect but it’s gotten ridiculous when you look like you’ve stood in the tanning booth to long wearing that old Q-T formula.  I guess though I'm not the only one wondering why you look like this:
Pull-eze Mr. Speaker, I’m from Michigan and we’re not that much north of Ohio and you should be pasty white like the rest of us poor Caucasian’s who live north of the sunny states. 
I have been pondering your plight every time I see you on the TV so today I googled it.  Boy oh boy – it’s quite the topic – just google “Why is John Boehner orange?”  Who knew?   I’m trying hard to take politics seriously, and I should.  And I watched the State of the Union speech - the disrespect in the cheers vs. our President left me very cold - and what does that say about our system and what kind of example does that set for our children.  Maybe if they don't like something (or someone) they should be allowed to boo or heckle.   Yikes - what a standard to live up to?  Congress sure didn't set the bar to high.  Really, it’s hard to take politics seriously when that's the behavior of the elected officials we are supposed to admire and when you look so silly with that much of a tan.
Orange is coming up a lot - like Orange is the New Black - a great show and concept actually for an orange lover.  At least orange is getting some respect.  And, obviously the Speaker loves it as much as I do but one of us isn’t dumb enough to paint our face with it….only our fingers.

Hey, maybe they should come out with a nail polish in his honor.  What could they call it – Nearly Republican Red?  Oompah Loompah John?  Boehner blush?  Come on my creative friends what do you think?  I want respectful red (and white and blue too) in my politicians and I want them to be the color they are naturally.  Be it white, black, brown, yellow, or red.  So let it fade John - let it fade. 

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