Thursday, February 5, 2015

Feeding the Art Urge

I can't speak for anyone else but when I'm away from creating for any amount of time I get edgy.  Do you get like that?  To help stave off that feelings and keep from creeping everyone else around me out I held back my wax tools from the packing frenzy around here.  I thought of leaving back some clay but figured that would be wrought with problems without a kiln at hand to fire the green ware once I sculpted it.

To do casting you need a heck of a lot of equipment too - but to make wax pieces to cast you need very few tools.  Old dental probes or needles, an alcohol lamp, and wax.  And, in my case some Optivisors.  So it was as easy as leaving a bag back packed with essentials. 

Luckily I can still cast at the Art Center with my friends.  That was as easy as signing up for class. 

I have a few large pieces I'd like to finish while I'm packing and a couple of small pieces.  I've been making earring castings and I'd like to make a whole lot more.  Parts.  Parts that I'd like to use with lampwork or clay beads at a later date.  At least that's the plan...oh, everyone look out, Sharon might have a plan!
The earring here is actually upside down.  It's how I sprued it.  Eventually it will have a stone in it.

Three variations on the tree. 
Regardless of all the boxes it's such a release to be able to do something while this transition is taking place.  Casting more than fits that bill : - ).

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