Friday, October 28, 2016

Lucky Me - A byline in the Bead Release ...

For years I've thought there must be some way I could help with the ISGB.  I've always loved that group.   But to be honest, although I can be a firecracker on-line or in an email - I'm a total introvert so it's not like running for office is a good idea and I'll admit it.  I will never forget the first Gathering I attended.  I believe the first one I went to was the first one they had in Louisville, Kentucky.  So many many really really nice people.  I learned a lot and there wasn't anyone who wouldn't answer questions or help out with tips to move my lampworking forward.  I was in awe.  I think I still am.

When I saw Jeri and Shermo at Hot Times Jeri asked if I might consider helping out with the Bead Release.  Well sure, I'd be delighted.  Actually, I'd be rabbit hopping happy to do it....but gheeze Sharon, try and be a little cool - will ya!!!  She put me in touch with Kris Schaible and we exchanged some emails.  I worked up a few articles with Kris's encouragement.  I'm kind of a fill in writer - where the subject fits in and all the moons aligns(which means in Sharon language that I haven't written in Klingon or something).

And whoo hoo - the first one was accepted and published in the Release.  Kris said she heard good feedback on the article so that's wonderful.  It's encouraging.  I'll take it!

The article was about collaborating with another artist on a show piece.  I've seen so many great collaborations.  I've written a second article branching out from the first one.  Off and on for years I've teamed with teaching partner and taught at Beadfest when its been convenient for the two of us. Fingers crossed that it too will be well received.

Feeling very grateful!!

And hey, if you've never heard of the ISGB here you go.  Click HERE.

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