Sunday, July 20, 2008

Back from Ann Arbor

University of Michigan Student Union

Whoo Hoo! Four days of art. Lots of art. Art that's so "happening" some of it you only catch glimpses of in galleries or magazines. Artists from everywhere in the biggest and most consistently top rated art show in the country.

It was a blast to see old friends and make new ones. My DH and I have been participating in the Michigan Guild's section at the Ann Arbor Art Fairs for ten years now with the children's toys we design but I haven't been able to attend the past two years due to career obligations. If you've never had the opportunity to attend this extravaganza you ought to consider a mini-vacation here to savor all of it. You can purchase everything from an outdoor sculpture (price range $50. to over $200,000.) to the daily utilitarian, but artistically designed and executed, pewter measuring cups and handmade wooden serving spoons. The shear size (number) and scope of the art work is mind boggling. There are no artistic' stones unturned. Nothing mundane here from Folk Art to Contemporary.

The Ann Arbor Art Fairs are held on the third weekend of July. It is a venue with five cooperating art shows. Each show is juried and maintains a flavor of it's own but with an all for one and one for all attitude. They even put out one show booklet containing all the shows and entertainment schedules. It is difficult, to say the least, to coordinate this type of undertaking but every year they seem to pull it off on the University of Michigan campus and adjoining streets.

I'd of taken more photos to show you but it is difficult to photograph anything when your nose is glued to the artwork and your tongue wagging deeply in conversations with the artists. I took a couple of shots of the Uof M Student Union because I'm always intriqued by the grandeur of it. I also think that next year I'm going to try and find where that room is at the top of the building that is nearly obliterated by the ivy. I guess it was my year for large artwork since I took some sculpture shots. Particularity interesting are the "people" by Mark Sijan. I recently saw one of these types of pieces in the Milwaukee Museum (according to the fair book he's a Milwaukee native). I'd forgotten how life like they are when you walk up on them, it's scary. Even more fun is to listen to the conversations of the people and children around them who have who've never experienced them before. Everyone always thinks they are human and about to move. Maybe it's because there was a mime all painted in silver and performing at one of shows who was as still as the sculptures until someone approached...and them whammo, gotcha!

Along with my attendance at Ann Arbor comes a renewal of spirit and inspiration so it's back to the torch and bench tomorrow and more exercise to loosen up that sore foot of mine.


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