Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pay It Forward

Remember the movie? Who couldn't remember that was wonderful and the premise of "Paying It Forward" is divine. I'm thinking everyone needs a little divine intervention now and then from someone.

It's been my habit while doing the Ann Arbor Art Show (when I am there - and mostly I have been) to wait until the end of the show as we are packing up. Here and there a toy will be on the shelf that has been well loved during the fair and shows a finger print. I keep packing and leave it to the side. I wait, and I continue to pack. At some point, and it always happens, someone comes by with a child and no packages. Ah ha, a window shopping parent taking the baby for a stroll. I try not to read more into it than that. If they slow down while going past I offer them the toy. I explain there is a tiny smudge on it and how it can be cleaned off. So many people have been flabbergasted over the years. Some have tried to pay for the item. I just send them on their way, tell them to have a wonderful evening, and thank them for accepting the gift.

I believe in Karma and Random Acts of Kindness. I've done them for a long time because it just feels so darn good to see the genuine happiness a small token of good spirit can do for another person.

A couple of days ago I ran across a newsy item on ETSY about doing some Random Acts of Kindness. I wish I could remember where I read it because I'd like to give them credit but it's escaping me. What I can tell you though is that a "Pay it Forward" program has started up on Etsy. You may select an item in the PIF tagged section if you'd like and pretty much the only request made of you is that you pay an nominal amount for postage to mail it and the listing cost of 20 cents. The biggest request is that you in turn make a PIF listing for someone who might need the spirital pick-me-up themselves. Nice, huh? Everyone out there trying to make a living and sometimes they truly need a little treat for themselves or a loved one.

Yup, I'm in. I listed a large disc I was going to post tonight. Just call it a continuation of the ultimate plan...'cause you see, when I get rich I'm going to visit those museums in other countries and I'm going to stand in grocery stores here around the holidays. I'm going to watch for all the people who look like I did at one point in my life. Standing over that meat counter and trying to figure out how they're going to have that holiday meal and presents (you know the presents - snow boots/ pajama's). I'm giving them gift cards...lots of gift cards. Quietly, so as not to embarrass them but I'm a pretty sincere person so they will understand. I'm going to love it!

Post a PIF on Etsy and make someone's day. It's so easy, it's so nice, it's so kind, it's so right!


rosebud101 said...

Sharon, you are awesome! What a kind person you are. I only wished we lived closer. It would be fun to get together.

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Back at Ya' Mallory, ditto!