Monday, September 29, 2008

Why is there no torch here for Pete's Sake!

Yikes, waning posts to my blog! I better get on this ASAP. I thought you might like to see where I am when I am not behind that torch. I figure they need some torches and oxygen there so I can "show the clients" how to work with glass. Maybe get a little production going....oh yeah, big fantasy plan there folk!. No fire, no torch, nothing sharp (we use kindergarten scissors!). Mostly I think we use those because the staff might decide to go "postal" on themselves. Just kidding, but it can get draining. That's me in the window. Little Sharon Pumpkin Head.

We do have a beautiful view of a small lake that is surrounded by mostly swamp and backwater from the big lake. We are also having major problems with beavers who keep building these huge dams at a small inlet and it causes the lake levels to rise so so much we can't use the baseball field because our lower field floods. The kids enjoy going out in canoes with the Department of Natural Resources though a tearing the dam down. Bears, beavers, Eagles, spring swans, deer, coyote, fox, we get it all around there because we are covered by so much state land around us.

Also is a photo of my "nest". It's the power station of the building and usually filled with kids. We are not allowed to take photos of the kids - would be really unethical. It's a shame because they LOVE to have photos of themselves but rules are rules. I tease them about one of them getting famous and I'm already putting in my request for a Volvo full sized station wagon loaded with worker types will never get that kind of money! And if I don't get my Volvo I'm going straight to "Entertainment Tonight" and the tabloids. They laugh at me.

That's all for now folks/ or people (did you know they are also gang references?). Ah, the trivia I get to know and love...

Don't forget to check out the new Etsy listings. It seems I am still in full blown skull mode.


rosebud101 said...

That is really a beautiful place to work. I know your work is stressful. It's a good thing you have your torch. No wonder your skulls are so good!

Deb said...

What great views! It must really help that there is a realitively serene enviroment surrounding you in those moments when things can become somewhat chaotic.

I love the skulls Sharon - but oh the irony of using "full blown skull" in the same space as "gang references" ..... ;o)

angelinabeadalina said...

Ah, Sharon, you have to pour so much of yourself into any job like have my admiration! (plus a bit of empathy, since once upon a time I used to work with nursing home residents with dementia) It is good, very good, to have torching as a release so that you can go back to work and give again :)

susanlambert said...

mmmmm the leaves are looking nice.
so pretty. Great pics Sharon.

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Thanks guys, I do teach the kids to Kumihimo and to crochet. You ought to see our "thugs" with yarn. What a sight it is to see them sitting and crocheting with these big blankets in their laps. Although we do have to be careful they aren't using gang colors.