Wednesday, January 14, 2009

B&B Here I come!!!

It's offical. At the tone of the time - 12 noon CST - I signed up for the fabulous Bead and Button Show. The charge card took a major hit and I'll be working overtime soon. But with wild abandon I am taking two lampworking classes, a ceramic bead class, and a wax working (bead) class.

Are we feeling a theme of BEADS running through this post? I'm excited. With the exception of the ISGB Gathering (The Lampworking Association) you never get to see as many great beadworkers as you do at Bead and Button. Top it all off with all of the other "to die for" vendors, you'd only see in Tuscon, and it is eye candy overload.

And, Milwaukee...well, it's just a plain nice place to visit.

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rosebud101 said...

I'll see you there, Sharon! I got into a class! Yipeeeeee! Have fun torching!