Saturday, January 10, 2009

Metals and Glass

The metalsmith in me often takes over. I mean, that's how I got to glass in the first place. In a decade long ago (maybe two - yikes) I couldn't find the beads I wanted for a piece I was making. I hunted, spent a fortune on gas, and nearly drove all family members over the edge when I insisted on stopping at every bead shop on the way to Grandma's (it's a four hour drive all by itself). Then, I found this class in a town an hour and half away. Yes, I do live in BFE...don't ask.

I took the class. it was at a stained glass shop and they had just gotten the new hot heads by Cindy Jenkins. I was hooked bad. Now I could match the glass to the metal in any color I wanted.

Since the "metals thing" is so close to my heart I've been thinking about doing these rings for a long time. So here is the first I have listed on Etsy. No, I'm not going to publish a tutorial on this. Although I will tell you that I took a great class with Jiro Masuda (see an earlier post) and learned to use a tap and die set. Great fun!. I hope you like the first ring.


rosebud101 said...

Those are great rings, Sharon!

emeraldfairy02 said...

That's pretty nifty! I like the heart theme... but I'm a little disappointed no one has bought the Penny Penguin - come on folks, Penny is adorable! ;)

Except, I think her and Milly have a cold - they are both sneezing. Ugh!

susanlambert said...

manages to address a surprisingly broad array of ideas, showing the continuum of art history and the potential for glass to affect us in ways that may be beyond our control.

;-) heh heh heh

Janelle Z said...

Love the ring!