Saturday, June 13, 2009

Finally, Some B&B Photos

Took me long enough to recover from this trip but the kiln controller I purchased from Arrow Springs is attached to the kiln and appears to be working great. Now I get to try out some new glass and the techniques I learned from Sara LaGrand and Dora Schubert. But first a view of the Flame Off from Bead and Button.

The Flame-Off is great to watch. You get to see and talk to all the bead makers and sculptures who are participating. They are each busy creating a piece for the silent auction. Hip Hip Hurrah to the Bead and Button folks for having this at the show. And a big hug to the great glass artists who make a donation in time and work. All of the money raised from Flame-Off (tickets to see it and auction pieces created during it) are given to Breast Cancer research. How wonderful is that! Last year (this years figures have not been released yet) it raised over $20,000.

Mallory, Lillian, and I took up residence at the Boro demo table to watch the mostly "dudes" make their large scale pieces. I'm acquainted with a few of guys (name wise) - although they certainly don't know me from apple butter. What really caught my interest though was a fella I've never noticed before. It's not that he hasn't probably always been there but I guess he wasn't a familiar name - until now. His name is Rashan Jones. He has a banter that can keep pace with Lewis Wilson which I consider no small feat. Lewis is chatty, gregarious, outspoken, flamboyant, and sometimes (I would think) very distracting when you are working. Rashan can hang! Now don't get me was not nasty...just good natured poking by some real boro masters. They were all doing it. It's just that Rashan and Lewis were the funniest.

That's Rashan pulling points below and blowing the vase above. Ed and Martha Biggar are there working their magic and you can even see Kevin O'Grady (fella with the hat) who joined the group late. Milon Townsend was there (who knows what I did with that shot) and the photo at the top left has Lewis Wilson -ponytailed : - ) - and Doug Remschneider. Woweeee, was Doug's piece ever intricate.

I hope you enjoy the photos. We sure enjoyed watching it.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't Rashan the best?!?! I think I was blown away the first time I read his page.....Then I got to meet him and watch him work at AGI in '07. I've always enjoyed his and Lewis's banter be it online, or in person.....Good description of Flame Off...I was over there too...opposite end of the table behind Rashan.......
Karen Sinkowski.