Friday, June 19, 2009

More class fun!

What a coo to have a class with Dora Schubert who flew in from Germany to be at Bead and Button. She is an absolute doll with a quick wit and steady hand. She made me laugh when she said “There is no sweet spot”. Then she laughed too, “… everyone is always looking for the sweet spot on a torch (oh how true this is) when you are working with stringer”. Dora said just heat the bead, go in horizontally, and keep it at the edge of the flame. Voila’, and on it went. It was just that easy. It always sounds easy in print, doesn’t it? I’ll admit my stringer work got better and then I came home, phffffttt, enough said. I’m still laughing, practicing, and thinking of that twinkle in her eye. I also was lucky enough to get one of Dora’s practice beads – she only had two. What a week! Stringer lines, silvered glass, color theory, Dora and Sara Sally. Life is good. That’s Dora on the torch. I wish she was going to attend the ISGB conference this year but she will be busy with a show in England.


rosebud101 said...

You lucky person! Dora's beads are stunning! I'm sorry I won't be at the Gathering, but I spent way too much $$$$ at the Bead and Button Show. It was fun! My bad!

Deb said...

Oh you lucky ducky! Any class would be great (from where I'm sitting) but a Dora Schubert class would be OUTSTANDING!

Such a talented lady. I'm a tad confuzzeled (not too difficult) When you say 'go in horizontally' - do you mean keep the stringer at a horizontal angle? (not like holding a pencil as I have been).

Right Turn ArtWerks said...

Hey Deb, yes - she went in horizontally to the bead. I was shocked. She heats the bead and puts that flame near the stringer but not on it and lays it down. It's very different and she uses it oh so effectively. She says the pencil technique makes for wobbles but does work for some people. It was just magic to watch her.